Thursday, November 21, 2013

The wonders of plastic surgery and the stupidity of some people

prepare to be amazeballed.

nah, go see the before and after pics of Korean twin sisters who went under the knife. 360 degree face lift wth.

and then they become this...




walaoeh seriously... what kind of sorcery is this???!!!!

the surgeon also very li hai right... can create the same face for both sisters. i must really give him credit for that.

But i cannot stand some stupid people who keep comparing natural beauty to fake beauty. they expect everyone to look like the Korean pop stars. eh hello, their noses are custom made. and so is the shape of their face. which sentence do you not understand?!!!! really feel like slapping these people. 

i told mum that if i were to go to Korea she wouldn't be able to recognise me when i come back bwahahaha. No la, i too chicken to do cosmetic surgeries. which brings me to another question altogether... they need to redo their identity cards or not ah? you'd think they were different people if they committed a crime... unless you took their DNA samples. ahhhh.. just my girl brain doing some thinking wth. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I have nothing to do

So bored I can die. Going to ki siao soon. Shake legs shake until full... Four months in Malaysia my Manglish tu fei meng jing. My Chinese also not bad. Sing k until i can read and write basic Chinese. Super proud of myself..

Yesterday friend jio me watch movie at TGV. But i answered the call whilst half asleep. when i woke up i thought it was a dream. rupanya it was real.. got ready in record speed.. 45 minutes to shower, get changed and have dinner. proud again.

watched rigor mortis. i must say the Chinese ghosts are super powerful. they can possess jiang si (zombie). after being possessed the jiang si can fly and stick to the walls instead of hopping around. Dunno whether to laugh or cry. or be scared.

aihhh still jobless for now.. telling people i just graduated is getting a little stale. it's been four months since graduation can faster give me my posting or not.