Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Happened in Germany

I was thinking of leaving the past behind me and never reveal my shuper shecret (something that happened while I was holidaying in Germany) but since I'm shameless and have absolutely no reputation whatsoever I decided to share it with you.

You know how when you fall asleep especially in a moving vehicle, your head tends to sway from side to side cuz of the inertia or the momentum (I don't remember my physics anymore) or merely due to the lack of neck muscles which is the likelier cause in my case, and without you realising it you slept on the shoulder of the stranger next to you, thinking that it was your pillow wth.

Well that happened to me on the train from Munich to Salzburg. Omg embarrassing much! But like I said, my skin thickness measures about 15 inches so I'll survive, no problem...

#1 Seating plan on the train

I must've slept comfortably on Guy 2's shoulder twice throughout the two hour journey. It actually isn't that embarrassing if nobody noticed it. BUDDEN...

(The rest of the story was related to me by my friend)

Guy 1 noticed. And he couldn't stop snickering. He pretended to close his eyes and sleep but he was smiling all along wth. My friends were, on the other hand, in a dilemma about whether to wake me up or to let me continue sleeping cuz there's an idiom that goes 'let sleeping dogs lie'. Ok la, that was random and does not apply to this situation and I'm not implying that I'm a dog wth.

Anyway, when I dozed the second time off Guy 2's shoulder, Guy 1 couldn't tahan any longer and burst into laughter wth. So then my friend decided to wake me up. Of course Guy 1 was embarrassed when I woke and looked over. He tried to avoid all eye contact. Padan muka!! I should have tortured him longer with my stare. Muahahaha.

And then I found out that Guy 1 and 2 were friends. I would've eavesdropped on their conversation but it was in German. Yet another reason for me to learn an extra language. Muahahaha. I'm pretty sure for the next 10 years or so, this would be their topic of conversation while they eat kuacis wth.

*stabs self with knife*

Friday, March 23, 2012

Y I SO suay

2012 has not been my year. So far.


(Speaks in my dramatic Malaysian drawl) I tell you... There was a day that I fell down the stairs onto my bum *butt pain* My housemate saw me tumbling away and laughed his ass off. And to make things worse, he called me 'stupid'. Si beh bo shiok him. I will wait and see how he falls next time cuz what goes around comes around. Revenge is sweet.

As if falling is not suay enough, I lost my student ID and had to get a replacement for 10pounds *heart pain* but that's ok cuz I shamelessly asked the lady at the counter to take a new picture of me! Muahahaha. Since I have my consumer rights, or student rights, or whatever sh*t rights, I might as well put them to good use.

#1 The New ID

Why is my face so round! Ugh.

Until now I have no idea what happened to my previous ID. I tried searching in my school building, hunted high and low in my room and among the dust mite's home under my bed. For goodness sake I even asked the person manning the car park opposite my house if anyone handed a student ID in to him. (So much effort for a lost ID) But to no avail... And then I got very bek chek with myself for losing something so important. Oh well.

If someone picked it up, I don't think he/she will find much use for it cuz they don't have my library password. So it's pretty much useless. Y? Y U NO RETURN IT??

So I came up with the perfect conclusion:
The person must have loved me so much he/she decided to paste my ID up on his/her wall. That way, he/she gets to peep at my picture before sleeping every night.

And then my housemate came up with his conclusion:
The person must have beh tahan my face he/she decided to throw my ID into the fire wth.


Anyway, I was given the option of personalising my ID cuz it had been such a suay month for me that I managed to gain the lady's sympathy. I swear I saw her shed a tear.

#2 The Personalised ID

If I were the head of the university, all the IDs will look like that. And no la, I wasn't given the honour of getting a personalised ID.

Now what I have to do is to bathe with 7 different types of flowers to buang suay (to get rid of my bad luck). But I only have three.

#3 Pink rose, white rose and bright pink lily

This is the end of my suay stories. You didn't expect more, did you? Walaoeh if I were more suay than this I'd dig a hole and bury myself.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Depressing Jobs

If you asked me to name the world's most depressing jobs, the list will go like this:

#1 Hang man/executioner
#2 Healthcare professionals

Imagine LEGALLY taking someone's life away.
In fact you're paid to do it.
The guilt.

I don't know about you but I suddenly feel very thankful that I'm not studying medicine. At least as a pharmacist I get to choose my own working environment which is either in a hospital, community or industrial pharmacy. (On a brighter note, all professions can eventually branch into teaching- that'd be an extra option!)

Come to think of it, maybe criminals deserve to be punished. The world would be a much better place without them #heart of stone. But if you were a healthcare professional, your patients have as much right as you do to continue living. I'm not gonna dwell on euthanasia cuz from my personal point of view, it really is up to the patient himself/family members (for comatose patients). Of course it has to be in the patient's best interest. Anyway, *coughs* this is not in my job scope so I don't have to think about it .

I feel depressed cuz today I interviewed an 85 year old man who is scheduled for a heart bypass surgery on Monday. My heart went out to him. I was gonna burst into tears on the spot but I tahan-ed cuz I'm strong. Under this scenario, I'm not a #drama queen. It IS very sad ok.

My friend once told me that she thought the elderly are a group of 'pitiful' people. I see what she means now. Diseases, death of your spouse (if you outlive him/her), unfilial children (in some cases)... you tell me, pitiful or not? So it does seem reasonable for me to wish that everyone stopped growing at the age of 21 years.



I am officially thanking Dad now for stopping me from pursing a career as a doctor all those years ago. A 'Dr' title in front of your name is doubtlessly awesome. And that would have been the sole reason had I chosen to study medicine.

*continues to emo*

P.S: My dream is to be a siu lai lai in the future. Someone please take note. Muahaha.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shopping Haul

I know I'm a shopaholic la. Don't judge me. Shopping is not a sin ok. Takkan you want to see me sad everyday meh?! You see me like that until you become depressed then only you know. God I love my Manglish wth. By the way, shopping makes me happy that's why I do it.

#1 Evening bags

Why I need them (Rationale)- When I go back home I'm pretty sure there'll be many weddings that I'll have to attend cuz I constantly remind my friends for invitations to their weddings. #shameless. Muahaha. I loooove weddings #wedding fetish. It makes me happy. So I'd like to seize this opportunity to reinforce the importance of inviting me to your wedding k? #very shameless. THANKSSS.

P.S: A happy person lives longer. You don't want to be responsible for my premature passing on right? *choi*

#2 Random jerseys that do not interest me one bit #not a football fan

Rationale- Since I'm a VERY NICE person I intend on giving them away as presents. See who makes me happy la.

#3 Skinny jeans and sleeveless, collared, sheer top

Rationale- I've been wanting the top for the longest time. Every time I came across something similar, it either had no sizes left or was not in the colour I want. Walaoeh. So now you see why I just had to get the blouse.

#4 Heels

Rationale- I shiok so I got it.

What?! Cannot ah?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Paris Learns Some Tricks

This is my pet. Her name's Paris. She's almost 2 years old now and she's the bestest companion a person could ever have. <3 <3

Breed: Silky terrier (in case you were wondering)

Temperament: SPOILT BRAT

Description: She hates her dog food (which is way more expensive than my food). WTH. She boycotts her food on most days and will only eat it if I feed her piece by piece (to give me 'face'). WTH. But I only see her during the summer holidays so that's ok. I have all the time in the world so I can pamper her with 9 months' worth of royal treatment. She loooooves her JerHigh snacks which I used in the video to bribe her into doing tricks. HEHEHE.

History: Dad got her from a pet store. (My pets are usually given by friends or were strays- before they found a loving me :P) Paris was kind of a replacement pet after Prince (my mini pinscher) died from poison. Whoever the culprit who poisoned my dog was, may you never find rest *bitter*. What goes around comes around. OK, maybe one day when I become righteous I'll consider forgiving you. But for now, you wait slowly lah.

Anyway, replacement pet or not, I love my baby all the same.

To Paris: May you grow into the prettiest little thing on earth. Mummy misses you!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


And this is my suit.

Sometimes being a pharmacist (not yet) requires me to go to space. The aim of it is for me to collect soil/whatever-it's-called samples from other planets. Cuz as everyone knows, there are diseases out there that still do not have cures. So by obtaining these samples (containing different elements) we, the pharmacists, can conduct experiments ie; random screening for antimicrobial activity. Who knows one day we even might invent a medicine that can give you super powers like Aquaman (Sorry. Internal joke. Hahahaha.)

Oh please... don't you label me as 'the senile woman across the street' *defensive mode* A gazillion years from now, my vision will come to pass. You'll see... :P

Anyway, I lied. That's my tyvek suit for aseptic dispensing (in layman's terms: dispensing in a bacteria/particle-free environment). PLEASE DON'T LET BACTERIA GROW IN MY CULTURES PLEASE DON'T LET BACTERIA GROW IN MY CULTURES PLEASE DON'T LET BACTERIA GROW IN MY CULTURES. Or else I'll fail this section. Eh, wearing that suit was so hot I almost fainted inside the clean room ok! Don't judge my dispensing skills. HAHAHA.

P.S: Had the best gossip session today with me good friend (IT'S NOT WHO YOU THINK IT IS)... Although most of it was backdated news THAT I ABSOLUTELY HAD NO IDEA ABOUT?! I almost had a, no, several heart attacks. GUESS I DON'T FALL INTO THE KEPOCHI CATEGORY :D

P.S.S: It actually isn't considered gossiping cuz it only involved the storyteller and no one else. So that makes it a 'getting to know me good friend more' session. I'm still GOOD.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Draw Some Crap

If you own an Iphone or an Ipad, you're bound to be playing Draw Something. It's the craze now.

SC always consults my professional guessing services cuz I'm just too good at it :P
But certain people have serious drawing issues that even I get pwned. HEHEHE (We secretly laugh at their drawings)

Like this one:
It's a 7-alphabet word.
Here are some alphabets to help you: A M N A K L J U Q A
Now, guess...
and the answer is AQUAMAN

We both went WTH.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Entry With Zero Content

Cuz I have no inspiration whatsoever.
Cuz I channelled all my brainpower into completing my crappy 2 page Pharmacology essay on midazolam.
Cuz it was my project so the only choice I had was to do it.
Cuz the deadline is this coming week.

And I don't want to die.

Oh by the way, it's free pizza week by Domino's. FREE with no strings attached. You don't have to sign up for any newsletters/memberships and there's no minimum purchase required. Domino's ONLY cuz Pizza Hut kiamsiap. Haha. You know the most celebrated week has arrived when you see 90% of the pedestrians along Oxford Road carrying a box of pizza each.

It's a twice-an-academic-year event that lasts a whole week each time. How to get this kind of treatment/promotion at home? Seriously.


#2 Personal pepperoni pizza

They don't even bother how many times you collect the pizzas in a day. You can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days if you wished. I personally don't #notsokiasu so I am in no position to tell you that you'd get sick of it. HAHAHA. No la, it's just that I don't want the effects to be seen in the circumference of my waist. Pleaseeee, there's a layer of fats swimming underneath my belly skin already so don't tell me I'm too thin. If only I could make my fats deposit themselves at certain parts of my body according to will, the world would be such a beautiful place.

P.S: I ENJOY EATING WAY TOO MUCH TO BE ANOREXIC. You tell me how do I resist nasi lemak or wantan mee? You tell me la.

I was chatting with a friend in the afternoon today and I found myself telling her how much I missed Malaysian food. Off topic: You know what, the yummier the food, the unhealthier it is. When I came to the UK, I freaking forced myself to eat oats or bran flakes for breakfast every freaking morning. What better way to start leading a healthy life than when you're away from all the evil breakfast temptations ie, roti canai and nasi lemak which are packed with saturated fats that will clog up your arteries. So yeah, I eat bland food for 9 months every year and when I go home during my 3 month summer holiday, I eat whatever and whenever I want and lead the pampered life of a Corrinne (ie, waiting to be fed). Basically what I'm trying to say is, I work hard, freaking hard, during the summer to recover any cholesterol that I've lost during the 9 month period. Talk about kiasu-ness.

Forgive me if I sound like a glutton but you don't know that feeling of accomplishment I get when I sink my teeth into the perfect plate of Hainanese chicken rice after 9 months of stupid weather. Of course unless you're studying abroad as well *gives meaningful, understanding, sympathetic look* #DramaQueen

Now the question is: Are you willing to trade your life for food?
You'd be amazed at the number of people who are actually willing to do just that.

LOL I can go become a motivational speaker on health now #ShamelessAsUsual
You see... I never fail to surprise myself. How can I possibly crap this much about absolutely nothing but on the contrary am still unable to come up with a decent piece of midazolam essay.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Love Amsterdam

I know this is kind of a late post but a promise is a promise and I promised to blog about Holland after Paris (the last post).

I fell in love with Holland two years ago because the country is sooooo beautiful... And not because of the weed/marijuana or prostitution that is legal there. You'll find brownies/drinks tainted with weed in most of the coffee shops if not all. Alternatively, you can choose to smoke it. I personally did not try it cuz I'm a chicken :P I'm not trying to say that taking drugs is a 'brave' act but then again, I will not judge under this circumstance. It's legal in Amsterdam anyway. Hehe.
Advice: Maybe you should watch 'Harold and Kumar' before deciding to try or not to try and understand that you may possibly get addicted. HEHEHE Now I sound all professional and pharmacist-like *grins* No la, I don't think that movie helps. It's a comedy after all. So do your own research kay. HAHAHA. I know I wasted 5 minutes of your life for writing crap.

OK, I'm getting to the pictures now.

#1 I AMsterdam Landmark

You usually won't be able to take a picture with nobody around. There'll be heads sticking out from every alphabet cuz they're kiasu tourists. Hahaha. I'm mean. But I'm one of them (I admit).

#2 The Infamous Red Light District

We went there in the evening so you can't see the red lights very clearly. When it gets darker there will be sexily-clad girls standing at the windows lit by red lights. That's how it got its name I suppose. If you wish, you can go in and do your thing for a fee and the curtains will be drawn. There's another street that is lined with men in place of the women but too bad I didn't go there. I wasn't aware of its existence at that point.

There are live shows as well but like I said, I'm a chicken so I didn't watch any.

#3 The Boat House

House taxes when you live on water are much cheaper compared to living on land so some people choose to live in boat houses on the canals. They are cosier than you think.

#4 NEMO Science Centre (The boat-shaped building)

#5 Dressed up as Russians

There was this Russian fair when I went to Holland, something like an expo.

#6 Tulips- One of the many things Holland is famous for.

I went to the flower garden in Keukenhof also known as the Garden of Europe. It was such a breath taking moment to see so many flowers of different colours *sheds a tear*

Advice: If you want to visit Holland, go during Spring/Easter when the flowers are in bloom.

#7 Yellow Tulips

#8 Lavender

#9 Typical Amsterdam Buildings

Notice that each building is different from the one next to it.

#10 Windmills of Zaanse Schans

A long time ago, millers lived here and they made a living by selling the flour they milled. Look at the scenery, how can I not fall in love with Holland?!

#11 Round Yellow Cheese That Can Knock You Out If Someone Hits Your Head With It

But yummy all the same *drools*

By the way, Holland is also famous for her clogs. I wanted to put a picture up but I looked so fat I decided against it :D

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My New Toy

Model: Canon Powershot A3200
I got mine in bimbo pink to add to my collection of pink devices/toys. Speaking of which, pink does not equal to a person being a bimbo #Self redemption. But I'm still gonna bling my toy when I'm free :D

  • 5x optical zoom
  • Dynamic Optical Image Stabilizer for steady recordings
  • 28mm wide-angle lens
  • HD movie recording
  • 2.7" LCD screen
  • 14.1 Megapixels
Yay! I can now take nice pictures too without paying the hefty price for a DSLR camera. It also weighs a mere 132g which is ideal for travelling rather than have a camera take up half of my baggage weight allowance. OK... maybe a DSLR doesn't weigh THAT much but it's still relatively heavy for my fragile little arm. HAHAHAHA. It's just that I hate lugging heavy things around cuz I'm lazy (I admit).

At most I'll have people take photographs of me #celebrity. Man, I'll be the happiest person on earth when that day comes #day dream. Of cuz it has to be good news that accompanies the picture. I DON'T WANT A PICTURE IN THE OBITUARY SECTION.

Anyway, I was playing/taking pictures with my new toy:

#1 Life's Brief Lamp (cuz I don't have a lighted candle to take a picture of)

#2 Toy effect (Model: Catalina The Belgian doll)

#3 Fish Eye effect (Model: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Pendrive)

#4 Macro effect + Vivid colour (Dried Valentine's Roses)

#5 Portrait (Scene)- Me #Shameless #Camwhore Queen
HAHAHAHA. Come on... when I'm 70 years YOUNG and UN-wrinkled like a prune (Read: PLUM) I'd need some photos to reminisce about my even younger days. UGH.