Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's a small, small world

What are the odds of meeting someone you know in a different country or along the highway? Based on the Corrinne formula x+y=abc*def, I'd give it a one in a million chance, or rather a one in a 27.5 million chance :D, given that the current population in Malaysia is 27.5m. To sum it up in a word: unbelievable.

Example 1; I bumped into Yen Yen, a good friend who studied A-level with me in the toilet of an airport (Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan).

Example 2; I met TKC, a friend studying in Manchester who is currently back along the KL-Alor Star highway. His car was parked one car away from mine at a rest house.

Example 3; I met Ang, an ex-college friend at Tesco five hours ago. We are not even from the same state.

So I came up with a few conclusions:
1. The world is itsy bitsy teeny weeny small in size. (But according to Science/Physics the universe is expanding)

2. My social circle is extending. (Hardly)

3. I am not easy to forget, try as you may. I pop up when you least expect it. Like a genie. (Self-obsessed theory)

4. The friends I have are unforgettable, try as I may. They appear when I least expect it. (The Best Friends Forever/BFF theory. My favourite by far)

I'm gonna go kiss Yen Yen now.
Pity, she is a few thousand miles away from my warm, seductive kiss.

By the way, the It's-A-Small-World theory does not work because I failed to meet Lee Hom in Taiwan. Plus Taiwan is an ISLAND. Which means that if the theory is correct, I would have met Lee Hom on the tube, in the shopping complex and at Shilin night market. *stomps foot and walks away*

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Green-eyed Witch

So, I've been under house arrest ever since my buddy, Jinny went back to Singapore. Yep, that's how lonely I get without her 'cuz most of my friends are away studying in KL and Australia. Some have even become mummies which makes me feel very old as we are of the same (child-bearing?) age. You know, *talks in a hushed tone* I keep thinking that I'm still 20 years old. Hehehe. I keep having to correct myself each time someone asks me how old I am. And no way am I disclosing my real age here. Gah. xD I guess I stopped growing at 20. Or not.

I haven't been doing anything at home. Nope, not a single thing besides eating, sleeping and watching movies. But I suppose I did wash at most two plates okay! Oh and I've been doing random stuffs and wasting my dad's money like curling my hair in the middle of the night with my curling iron or painting strawberries onto my fingernails on the left hand and pink flowers with a white background on the right or buying that adorable pair of polka dot wedges or getting a half-year supply of green contact lenses. Yep, you read it correctly. I got myself green contacts so that I look like a witch walking down the streets. Get into my bad books and you may find yourself under a spell. Ha! :)

SomeOne was telling me just a couple of minutes ago that a 'something for you' card came in the post today. My reply, thinking that it was a card for me, was, "Heh. Why did you tell me?" (I wanted it to be a surprise) Then I found out that he meant the slip-that-you-get-in-the-mail-when-the-postman-delivers-a-parcel-to-you-but-you-weren't-home-at-the-time-and-so-he-left-it-at-the-post-office card. WELL THAT WAS EMBARRASSING. :S

Ima grab some pizza now. Fatness.
Less than three.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ringing Bells


Okay, so I'm a weirdo who loves weddings. Also, I love Valentine's and cupids and white gowns. What can I say, I'm a Libra. I'm a hopeless romantic. Blame my sign.
P.S: SomeOne had better note this.

Maybe it's because of the exposure to Disney's cartoons at a very young age where the stories always end with 'and they lived happily ever after'. Maybe it's because of the romance comedies on Astro that I've been addicted to for the past few days. Or maybe it's simply because I'm currently PMS-ing. I am now obsessed with weddings.

Marriages don't always have happy endings, I know. That's the cruel fact of life though I choose to believe otherwise. I've seen happy marriages. To pessimists out there, they do exist! It's all about giving and taking (although I love calling the shots and being in charge :P hey I do give in every once in awhile).

I was lying in bed last night thinking about how much I want to be a wedding planner. I even had visions of a garden wedding, a pool wedding and a church wedding. Hehehe this is shameless! But seriously, if you're planning on getting married two years later (I would have graduated by then if everything goes according to plan), do get me as your wedding planner.

I think I just found my dream job. Maybe this is a little unrealistic... but since I said 'dream' it doesn't have to be :) Maybe being a divorce lawyer would be more practical these days. Hmm.

P.S: Hi, because I absolutely have nothing to do at home I decided to post something on my blog. Thanks!!