Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little Angels Around Me

The world really isn't such an evil place although the unthinkable sometimes happen (eg, baby dumping and animal cruelty). But then again, maybe not everyone is as lucky as I am. The people I've been surrounded with since young are angelic. OK, maybe not all... I still dislike a handful of people. Don't look at me with those puppy eyes, I'm not revealing any identities- this is not a hate blog :) It's wrong to bad mouth a person in such a public space (it's also wrong to stab someone behind his/her back ie, gossiping). Topic change: You know what, when I grow up I want to work/volunteer for an NGO that fights for animal rights. Anywaaaaaaay... Here's the story that happened on Tuesday.

It was a cold winter's morning. The sky was dull. Typical of the UK weather. Frost covered the ground giving it an icy look. Hehehe. Dramatic much? To sum up my day, I was hospitalised for 6-7 hours at the emergency unit, vomited more than 7 times, shook and shivered, suffered from breathing difficulties and was put on drips for the first time. I'm fine now, don't you worry.

What happened?
I consumed 2 double shots of vodka mixed with orange juice (that's about 1.5 units of alcohol which I believe is below the minimum suggested alcohol consumption per day) as part of a student practical. That had me vomiting non stop.

The diagnosis
Apparently I'm suffering from a genetic disorder that is more common in certain ethnic groups whereby I lack a certain enzyme that is required for the breakdown of acetyldehyde (an alcohol metabolite). That means no more alcohol for me.

Special thanks to (the angels)
Joyce Sim who accompanied me throughout the ordeal (from the lab to the hospital until I was discharged)

Jing Hui, Mei Chi and Dorrene who waited outside my tiny hospital room for about 2 hours only to ensure I got back home safe and sound

Tina Zheng who lent me her notes (I missed a class cuz I was sleeping like a baby in the hospital) even without my asking

And all the other well-wishers

See... we do live in a wonderful world. Appreciate those around you.


J said...

my God! take care Corrinne! so u flushed like a red tomato too?? ...

corrinne said...

thanksss janelle i will :) yeah i always flush like a red tomato whenever i drink a small amount. it's one of the symptoms

Pinkie123 said...

Oh my Corrinne I'm shocked to know this happen to you. My poor dear. But I really like the point that good and kind people are always around us.

P/S: Fizzy drinks and fruits juice suits you more :D

Adrian Koay said...

And through this post I discover you got a blog. tc!