Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On The Road To Becoming A Bimbo


(This post will be deleted sometime in the future in case my employer happens to stumble upon my blog and therefore fire me from my job. Big boss should never find out about the other life that I secretly lead :P)

Four entries for two competitions. Please let me win. *fingers crossed* Oh well... I will have to be super lucky to win. 5000++ entries ok. Don't play play.

Theme 1: Novelty and Bright Colours

Attempt #1

And then I saw the other entries... which were nicer and far more professional than mine, like those out of a magazine. So I kiasu. I downloaded some images from the internet to beautify my entry.

Attempt #2

Theme 2: London Fashion Week

Attempt #1
Definitely not fashion show quality... So I redid it. Like I said, kiasu.

Attempt #2

HAHAHAHAHAHA. That's all for my shameless pictures/post. By the way, I entered the competition cuz I thought it was fun. So since I already put my effort into it, I might as well hope for the best.

If only studying were as interesting as this.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heels That Don't Kill

You can still have a good time despite using heels contrary to popular belief. Jessie J's 'Price Tag' lyrics isn't all that correct. I used to be the Antiheels cuz of the pain I have to endure for being vain. So most of the time I wear flats. See, I ain't that vain after all. HAHAHA. Rule of the thumb: To look good, there's a price to pay. (Just like what my dentist told me 5 years ago when I fixed my braces. Oh the unthinkable pain) BUT, this pair I just got has soles as soft as a baby's skin I can even go jogging in it *sheds a tear*.... and come back with a fractured ankle.

Nah, show you my sexy feet. Muahaha:

5 inch heels. AWESOME. I CAN NOW BE MORE THAN 170cm TOO AND PUT GUYS TO SHAME! Hehehehe. I will regret this later cuz bo lang ai wa (nobody wants me) unless the guy doesn't mind his girlfriend being taller than him, which I think only applies to a minority of men. Heels are definitely the saviour of the Woman World. It's like the higher your heels are, the prettier you become. Talk about vanity. But then again, who doesn't want to look good?! (Anyway, note to self: Get more heels from the UK cuz I won't be able to find heels as comfy as this back home)

P.S: Your pair of heels also doubles as a hammer

More binge shopping (ie, buying stuffs that I don't need):


No more already... I am broke.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ohmigawd facts

I kinda stole this from 9gag although I don't remember all the details. I think it went something along these lines:

This is a new species of fungus found in Malaysia
(Bet you never heard of it... Me too)

Hmmm... What shall we name it?

Maybe it can has my name?

Yes... Yes, it can.

Therefore name given: Spongiforma squarepantsii

Faith in scientists: Reinforced

Seriously, that's the best name they could come up with. Not complaining. It certainly makes life easier for all the science students out there. Including me. Maybe we can now rename the mouse as 'mousiforma mickeysii'. Geez...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sh*t my housemate says

Today, I'm gonna reveal the shittiest stuff ever said to me. No la, just exaggerating cuz it makes things more interesting. Anyway, our (my housemates and I) means of communication is via shouting and screaming our heads off at each other. Yeah, I live in a dysfunctional household. When we don't feel like screaming, we text each other- the only normal thing I get around here #self pity. Maybe I'll miss them a teeny weeny bit when they graduate this year. OK la, reasonably much. They're actually super nice people <3


I was recently admitted to hospital for a genetic disorder (you can read about it here) and Housemate said to me, "Oh well, now you get to park at the reserved lot for the disabled".

Sometimes I get carried away singing my favourite song (read: sings loudly at the top of my voice). Housemate recorded it from outside my door and wouldn't delete it. It's blackmail material -_-

Housemate called my dress a 'bath mat' when I asked for his opinion (follow this link here to see the dress). I still think it's nice *stubborn biatch*

I was complaining to Housemate about how tired I was despite not doing anything. His reply: "Did you masturbate?"

I asked Housemate for a favour (I wanted to borrow his pass for the day). His reply: "Yeah sure, here it is. I leave the house only when the sun goes down anyway. I'm a vampire."

How awesome are they? Jealous much? :D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post Valentine's

I spent Valentine's Day last year being a gardener, pruning my roses with tender loving care, like how the beast in 'Beauty and the Beast' cared for his rose. Guess I'll be doing the same this year. Not complaining. At least I'll have a temporary pastime that'll keep me occupied so I don't shop anymore.

The overpriced flowers came a day late. And some of them have already wilted. Sometimes I can't help but feel that these companies are out to rob vulnerable people of their money. #Just saying Anyway, the company offered a full refund cuz I was sulky the whole of yesterday so now B can get me something else :P

My babies arrived as well so I'm a very happy girl today *Dancing on cloud nine* The thing is, neither one can fit a file so I probably won't be using them for lectures. Ughhh.

Playing Uno Stacko with myself. We'll see when it comes tumbling down. Obviously I have way too much time on my hands.

If there's one thing I love about shopping in the UK, it's definitely the customer service they provide. I'll never get this kinda service from where I come from. That's why, like I said and I've said this many times before, I won't shop when I go back so I gotta shop more now and be prepared for the years to come. Plus I'll be really busy once I start working so I won't have that much time anymore.

Also, I was chatting with a friend yesterday and I told him that I wanted to buy myself pretty things just in case the world really did come to an end this year (2012). At least I will then be able to adorn myself beautifully in the grave like the Egyptians or something. He called me chee sin which means crazy -_-

Here's the reason why I love shopping in the UK so freaking much:

I emailed ASOS about a faulty item and asked for an exchange. Unfortunately, that was the last item in stock (Read: I've got good taste and everyone wants the same thing) #self obsessed :P
And this is the reply that I received on the SAME day (I'd say about 2 hours after emailing them). This is what I call professionalism duh!

Dear Corrinne,

We're sorry to hear the item you have received is faulty. Please don't worry about sending it back, just throw it away (or recycle it if you can).

We do hope you will still shop on site - it's rare for customers to receive faulty products and we do everything we can to prevent it from happening.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused,

ASOS Customer Care

I got a full refund and they didn't even bother to check the item (it was only a ring anyway) but still... You see what I mean?

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Lost Watch

Seriously, I should put my time to better use. After coming home at 12, I've been seated in front of my laptop until now. That's almost 8 freaking hours of online shopping. Right, I was shopping. Again. All because I had a stomach ache and I needed to steer my mind away from the pain. I ended up buying a couple of rings and a watch by Lipsy but I needed a blouse to match the watch cuz it was so blingbling that by the time I wanted to check out it went OUT OF STOCK (I was blouse-hunting at a snail's pace). So I only bought the rings after wasting 8 hours of my life -_-

Current state of mind: In denial. *Sheds a tear* In fact I was ready to burst into tears. Out of frustration.

I think I may need to get professional help, maybe join a support group or something for shopaholics cuz I'm turning into Becky Bloomwood. Well, at least not as bad. She gets herself into financial crisis whereas I don't. *Still in denial* Anyway, I will stop shopping when I absolutely have to ie, when I'm broke and penniless. The thing is, I am penniless. I pay for everything, from groceries to bags, with The Card. It's my favourite thing on Earth, as long as there's money in it. No wonder Mum stripped me of my credit card when I came to the UK. #Troll face

So currently I am someone who is jobless (unless you consider 'student' as a job) and penniless with a stomach ache. #self pity You know, if blogging were a career that provides a steady income, it would so become my aspiration (besides being a wedding planner/ bridesmaid) cuz I kinda enjoy writing. It's like talking to myself (Internal speech: I'm a very lonely person just so you know. Not. No, really, I can blabber on and on and on without feeling tired- Content of speech: Nil) Unless I'm writing an academic-related essay, then I'd totally hate it. OK, maybe depending on my interest on the given topic.

I think I should stop now. It looks like it's never going to end.

May my dear readers have the peaceful-lest sleep and the sweetest dreams tonight and may the hottest models visit you in your wonderful slumber (except B, if you're reading this- don't you dare dream of models or else I'll kick you). And if you're not a reader, may you have nightmares and be visited by the scariest of monsters tonight. Haha. I'm so full of craaaaaap. (I'm actually a very nice person, so please don't take the last line to heart. I'm just amusing myself cuz I'm dying of boredom.)

OK, I'm really stopping now.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little Angels Around Me

The world really isn't such an evil place although the unthinkable sometimes happen (eg, baby dumping and animal cruelty). But then again, maybe not everyone is as lucky as I am. The people I've been surrounded with since young are angelic. OK, maybe not all... I still dislike a handful of people. Don't look at me with those puppy eyes, I'm not revealing any identities- this is not a hate blog :) It's wrong to bad mouth a person in such a public space (it's also wrong to stab someone behind his/her back ie, gossiping). Topic change: You know what, when I grow up I want to work/volunteer for an NGO that fights for animal rights. Anywaaaaaaay... Here's the story that happened on Tuesday.

It was a cold winter's morning. The sky was dull. Typical of the UK weather. Frost covered the ground giving it an icy look. Hehehe. Dramatic much? To sum up my day, I was hospitalised for 6-7 hours at the emergency unit, vomited more than 7 times, shook and shivered, suffered from breathing difficulties and was put on drips for the first time. I'm fine now, don't you worry.

What happened?
I consumed 2 double shots of vodka mixed with orange juice (that's about 1.5 units of alcohol which I believe is below the minimum suggested alcohol consumption per day) as part of a student practical. That had me vomiting non stop.

The diagnosis
Apparently I'm suffering from a genetic disorder that is more common in certain ethnic groups whereby I lack a certain enzyme that is required for the breakdown of acetyldehyde (an alcohol metabolite). That means no more alcohol for me.

Special thanks to (the angels)
Joyce Sim who accompanied me throughout the ordeal (from the lab to the hospital until I was discharged)

Jing Hui, Mei Chi and Dorrene who waited outside my tiny hospital room for about 2 hours only to ensure I got back home safe and sound

Tina Zheng who lent me her notes (I missed a class cuz I was sleeping like a baby in the hospital) even without my asking

And all the other well-wishers

See... we do live in a wonderful world. Appreciate those around you.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Convertible Dress

This whole post is on girly stuff (and camwhoring/self obsession) so if you're a guy and you're reading it, you might want to consider doing something else like admiring sports cars etc. Unless you're a guy who is currently gift-shopping for Valentine's Day then you found your perfect gift for your girlfriend that is if you've got a girlfriend who is not tomboyish. Hehe. But then again, a dress will always come in handy (eg, attending a wedding)! So, to conclude, I'm pretty sure she'll love it.

(Shuper shecret leaked) This dress is my V-Day gift. This year I chose my own present so I'm loving it to bits :P Now, now, what so special about this dress (besides it being a gift)? Well... Let me tell you *dramatic pause* it's a dress that can be worn differently, I dare say more than 20 styles if you're creative enough. I'll only show the 8 styles that are my favourite. Come on... camwhoring is tiring ok (although all I did was sit in front of my laptop's camera). What to do, no personal cameraman.

So basically this is a magical/ every girl's dream/ an all-in-one dress. It saves you money if you think about it cuz it is reusable and can be used for any occasion under the sun (also saves space in the closet).

Finally... The long awaited pictures. Let them do the talking and prove that I'm right- it spells A-W-E-S-O-M-E :D

#1 One-shoulder

#2 Halter neck 1

#3 Halter neck 2

#4 Strapless

#5 Off shoulder

#6 With sleeves

#7 Sleeveless

#8 With straps

#9 How you tie them up at the back

So, in case you attend a function and someone else has the same style as you (since black is such a common colour), all you have to do is pop into the washroom and change yours. In fact, if you wished, you could keep changing styles throughout the night and look different in every picture taken. Life-saver much?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Lolling In The Deep

I'm currently still on cloud nine. Floating around heaven. With no purpose in life. Cuz I'm done with exams. For now. I wanna bond with my laptop and bed and chocolates (it's not like I stopped bonding with them during the exam period). Anyway, the whole week has been pretty much a self-declared holiday although I still force myself outta bed every morning at 8am to attend my 9 o'clock lectures.

Also, I've been watching this Taiwanese drama called 'Bu Bu Jing Xin' for a whole week. I realised I wasted 35 hours of my life. The more I watched it the angrier I got which of course hastens the aging process. Seriously... I got myself worked up for no reason -_- There was crying in every episode, death and sibling rivalry for the throne. *super depressed now* I mean I could have just stopped watching but that'd be a waste- I followed each episode ever so closely. I even watched an episode every morning before going to class and it almost made me late on several occasions. Then I'll be all hot and flushed by the time I get to class cuz I had to run. Oh well...

[I still prefer dramas with happy endings cuz I grew up with Disney]

On another note, a lecturer complimented us on the first day of class, calling us 'creative' :D Apparently, he found our answer scripts 'amusing'. (Gonna vote him lecturer of the year!) The exam question was, 'Compare the effectiveness of ethylene oxide and heat sterilisation'. Here are the answers:

#1 Bacterial cells melt when heated.

#2 Bacterial cells are more sensitive to ethylene oxide because it is a gas and bacteria cannot see gas.

#3 Both processes do not guarantee sterilisation.

Ok, you may not find this funny but as a science student I lolled maxxxxxxx. Pardon the jargon!

Random college tip: Found out how to warm my water up without using the kettle after three years. I'm usually too lazy to walk downstairs to boil my water so I leave my bottles of water on the radiator.