Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer joy

One more paper to go. I'm such a hardworking blogger, blogging during the exam period. Very bek chek cuz I didn't finish doing the past papers and most of the questions in the paper today were recycled. Obviously I haven't insaf-ed enough... 

Some more I went for a picnic cuz apparently this is going to be the last week of sunny weather. I scared no more sun to enjoy after my exam so I must make full use of it now. Kiasu ma. But I ended up sitting in the shade la cuz my motto in life is, the fairer the better #shallow

Platt field... I PLANTED SOME TREES HERE OK *flexes muscles* as part of a leadership programme. I honestly don't see how that makes me a leader. Anyway, I don't know where they are, maybe die already.

After that I started packing my bag for the summer holidays. All new clothes with the tags still attached I'm so happy I can cry happy tears. Shopping is the best therapy who needs shrinks. 

Skinny jeans that turned out to be super super skinny I couldn't feel my legs when I wore them due to the lack of blood flow wth. And this is a size 25. Who in the world fits into a size 24!!

P.S.: In case you were wondering, all the above items are from Forever 21 except the beige dress (2nd pic) which is from H&M.
My purse has got a big ass hole now.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summary of My Week

Manchester is now very sunny. And hot... 20++ degrees can. It's a bit too hot for me but hot also I complain cold also I complain. I'm a person who is hard to please wth. But it's still better than the rain la so I'm happy. I hope the weather remains like this forever.

Plus, I'm done with 2 papers *running man dance* but I've got 3 more to go >:0 One after another. Sien die me. MUAHAHAHA this time I gwai gwai did the past papers given on BlackBoard at the last minute and 3-4 out of the 10 questions were based on that. MUAHAHAHA *huge sigh of relief* Cuz I usually don't bother looking at the past papers and every time I regret not doing so, so this time I insaf already, I did them. Ngek ngek ngek. Eh it took me 3.5 years to insaf!

I've also settled my stuff with the bank after... uh... bursting into tears. When someone tells you that you're 394 pounds in debt and you remembered very clearly that you didn't spend that amount of money on anything the first thing that comes to mind would be fraud ok. So I asked the lady if it was a fraud case but she said she cannot check for me until only after 3 days cuz by then we would know where the money was channelled to. I was scared and teared. Who can wait for 3 days and in the meantime allow another person to drain you of your money wth.

And then another lady came over to help. Ngek ngek ngek. Apparently I had been non stop swiping my card to pay for my Forever21 shit and although the payment did not go through, my account will still be credited. So I'll have to wait for about 2-3 days before all my money is returned to me *stops crying* Ahh... the bank people are awfully nice people <3 The first lady even told me not to worry if it were a fraud case cuz they would settle everything for me and return the laundered money too but I cried anyway. Sigh. I don't want to shop anymore la. Say only.

I have a lame joke to end my entry. What colour is Spiderman? Faster guess.
It's white! WHY? BECAUSE IT IS 是白的 man. 

Walaoeh. 炸到...
(B asked me that question by the way)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Corrinne's Bucketlist

I finished my first (lousy) paper today in which I bullshitted my way through but it feels like I'm on holiday?! WTH. Motivation, where are you?

Too free so I came up with a bucket list.

#1 Become the maid of honour for Lee Mei Chi's wedding.

#2 Become the maid of honour for Dorrene Lim's wedding.

#3 Become the maid of honour for Koh Jing Hui's wedding.

#4 Become the maid of honour for Yiki Lew's wedding.

#5 Become the maid of honour for Yeoh Yew Lee's wedding.

#6 Become the maid of honour for Jinny Choong's wedding.

#7 Become the maid of honour for Random-person-I-just-met-10-minutes-ago's wedding.

#8  Become the over-sized flower girl for Fong Wan Hui's wedding.

#9 Become the best man for Aloysius Chong's wedding.

#10 Become the bride at MY wedding.

P.S.: Please don't be offended if I left anyone out. Obviously I want to be your maid of honour *begging on my knees* but it's impossible to include everyone in here.

Don't know la maybe I will downgrade myself to Bridesmaid cuz I don't want to get stage fright.

OK, 2nd bucket list now.

#1 Make a tree house.

#2 Grow a money tree.

#3 Bathe with a yellow toy duck in the bath.

After writing this entry I feel like I really have no purpose in life lor *emo* HOW? I can't even come up with a decent bucket list for myself. Meh. I think I'll have to bring forward my trip to Nepal to find my life's purpose. Imagine me sitting at the top of the mountain meditating
and breathing air that is fresher than anywhere else in the world. WHAT A PRETTY SIGHT!

The more I think about it the more I'm convinced that I should go to Nepal soon.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I was trying to study for my upcoming exam, I really was. But I have the attention span of a gold fish and my brain just turned back time on its own to the year when I was 3 years old wth. I know if I don't blog about this I'd just keep thinking about it the whole time and won't be able to concentrate on my studies.

You know how some people fear infants especially crying babies (in my case)? It's not weird. In fact paedophobia is the medical term used for these people. I really cannot tahan babies when they cry. Don't go away and say "Corrinne is so mean. She hates babies. Who in the world hates babies anyway? They are the cutest things on earth." In my defence, I never said I hated babies. I just cannot tahan crying babies ok.

Please la I used to hand-raise my puppies. Puppies DO cry in the middle of the night too. Since I jaga-ed my dogs with tender loving care, I woke up, made milk formulated specially for puppies wth, waited for the milk to reach body temperature, fed them and sung them to sleep before I continued sleeping. So don't say I'm heartless.

Anyway I used to be an intolerable cry baby. A spoilt brat of a child. I had 3 people take care of me wth. And how do I know all this cuz I'm pretty sure my brain wouldn't have remembered the things that happened a gazillion and one years ago? It's cuz during EVERY Chinese New Year, my aunts and mum will have nothing else to talk about except how naughty I was as a child. :S

Here's the thing:
1. I used to be such a clean freak I insisted that my mum change my clothes whenever I had a drop of water on them. Literally. So you can expect that I never played with mud.

2. I ate so slowly my maid fell asleep while feeding me wth.

3. I slept only when I was in a moving vehicle so the car naturally became my parents' bed as well. My bedtime contributed to the air pollution wth.

The list goes on. I suppose? Don't know la I always hide myself whenever they start talking about the past.

So here's wishing you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, mummy. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Last Day of Clinical Tutorials

Finally. I'm rid of (depressing) hospital visits for the semester. 

We had presentations and patient interviewing sessions as usual. My friend did a presentation on myocardial infarction (aka heart attack). His patient also suffers from respiratory tract infection which produces a greenish mucus. Whatever la it was something along those lines. I must say his presentation was by far the most 'interesting'. Cuz he included pictures like this:

# 1 Man with green mucus

Seriously. When I saw it I couldn't stop laughing. Eh please la you know you want to laugh so come laugh with me. It sent me into fits I looked like I was suffering an epileptic attack. But no one else in the room was laughing... except me wth. And the more I tried to suppress my laughter, the funnier the picture seemed. Ang mohs and I have totally different laughing threshold points (my friend is from Hong Kong by the way). 

I was fitting quite badly actually. I couldn't stop fidgeting in my chair trying to occupy my mind with something else... anything else for that matter. I zipped and unzipped my bag countless times. Placed my hands over my mouth in a vain attempt to smother the laughter which only made it even worse. The sounds came out wrong WTH. So I finally resorted to excessive drinking of water. Whenever I felt like laughing, I drank water. By the end of the tutorial my bladder felt like it was going to burst.

It's probably just me. Or my hormones. I seem to laugh uncontrollably at the silliest, lamest jokes recently like the other day when my lecturer suddenly laughed for no reason.  That sent me into a giggling episode that took 10 minutes before it died down. Period. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Ideal Man

I never told anyone this but before I started university I many a time found myself day dreaming about how my (boyfriend) relationship will start off.

There I would be sitting in the library, studying. Someone will approach me, ask if the seat opposite me is taken, I answer with a 'no', he sits down, we start talking and a friendship blossoms. We eventually become closer to each other cuz everytime I'm at the library I see him there #nerd So studying becomes revision dates instead. Yadda yadda. I hallucinate WTH. Oh, did I mention he's a Wang Lee Hom lookalike.

Of course none of this came true. Firstly, I never went to the library when I was in my first year. I only started having library sessions with my friends in my second year cuz I eventually ran out of excuses for not joining them #going_to_the_library_for_the_wrong_reasons Most of the time we ended up playing cards wth.

Secondly, I already had a boyfriend when I started going to the library and heck no we didn't meet there. Also, I'm too good to cheat on him.

Thirdly, no one wanted to sit with me wth.

I don't know where I'm going with this entry but I suppose what I'm trying to say is, not everything goes according to plan. Once in a while, the road not taken needs to be taken (not sure if it applies here but whatever it makes me sound poetic and smart). And all I can tell you right now is that I'm happy with the choice I made 2 years ago although the circumstances then were different. 


Cuz I don't want to reveal too much HAHAHA. Anyway you now know my secret dream of 4 years #forever_no_face

P.S: I'm dedicating this entry to B cuz I'm the awesomest girlfriend that ever walked on the surface of this earth and I thought of doing something different that isn't so conventional. What can I say, Librans are born romantic.

*wishes self* May we have many, many happy days ahead of us and fewer cold wars (UK is cold as it is already). And by fewer cold wars I mean YOU SHOULD GIVE IN TO ME MORE OFTEN #TheWomanBrain

Anyway, happy 2 year anniversary. 


Friday, May 4, 2012

I Wrote Myself A Biography

I don't know what to blog about today (and because everyone is busy now so I know no one will be reading this) so I figured I'd blog about myself. What's better than to get to know myself more wth.

Random fun facts about me duh:

#1 I'm an airhead

The only reason why I want to get married at 26 (or at most 27) is cuz I don't want to look old and wrinkled and pruney in my wedding dress wth. Maybe to some 26 is a young age to get married at. And if they think that the marriage is cuz of an 'accident', to prove them wrong I'd only conceive 2 years after WTH (as long as it's before 30).

#2 I'm obsessed about being a bridesmaid

I constantly attempt to match make my friends (failed attempts of course) I think I must have been Cupid in my previous life. The reason for this is so that they find good boyfriends (and future husbands) then I can pester them into marriage at the age of 25. This way I can be the bridesmaid/ maid of honour at many weddings before my own. Smart eh? I'm not such an airhead after all.

#3 I'm messy and I hate packing or cleaning

Most people wouldn't think I'm messy cuz I have rather neat handwriting *pats self on back* but I told you already- never judge a book by its cover. You can't blame me for being messy also la. Blame my astrological sign- Libra. Here's a snippet I got off the internet.... "the Libra living on his own could either have a very messy place or a very intricately decorated place". I guess I'm the former. Oh well.

#4 I'm a procrastinator

And heck I'm good at it *awards self* I eat, sleep and cook (note: these are necessities in life) all in the name of 'surviving' so I have a good reason for putting off work to a later date. But if you're my employer and you happen to be reading this, I always hand in my work ON TIME ok. Please don't sack me.

OK la I'll keep the rest for next time or else you'll read until your eyes pop out of their sockets.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Dessert

Taddah!! Look at my appetising dessert! I hereby name it "Corrinne's Awesome Honeydew with Haagen Dazs (cookies & cream) Ice-cream Dessert That Should Make It Into the Guinness World Records". I know it only looks like honeydew in a HD tub wth but there's ice cream underneath it ok.

I couldn't care less presentation-wise cuz whatever enters the body will eventually come out from you-know-where as brown matter with a certain smell. It was also cuz I'm currently on a mission to help save the planet by producing less household chemicals ie, your washing liquid. I don't want the world to succumb to natural disasters caused by global warming shit ok. I worked too long (*cough* 16 years) to let my efforts go to waste so I WANT MY CERTIFICATE BEFORE THE WORLD VAPOURISES. (Read: Cuz I was too lazy to wash the bowl)

Eating ice-cream on a cold day is the worst idea any sane person could come up with. It's May now but the weather sure as hell is freezing. So I err defrosted my ice-cream in the microwave WTH. Eh hello it was also very hard (cuz it was frozen) I couldn't scoop anything up with the spoon. I had to use niu li (bull's strength) with every effort I made which wasn't very productive cuz I only managed to dig up a few millimetres worth of ice-cream I couldn't even taste anything wth.

It was also so hard that I spoiled my spoon. It bent wth. So putting it into the microwave was my last resort. And a pretty smart one too cuz I get to enjoy water-cream instead.

P.S.: If you want to use this method to soften your ice-cream, please do not set the microwave to 1 minute. 5 seconds would do I guess? You try and then let me know la ok.