Sunday, December 6, 2009


I feel satisfied. So satisfied. At long last, i finally got to eat Malaysian food. I know i've been cooking but the food i cook is the put-everything-you-can-find-in-the-fridge-in kinda stuff.
Anyway, i had nasi lemak, the yummiest food in the world. *rubbing my belly and smacking my lips*

Allow me to tempt you fellow Malaysians in UK. ^^ (i am so evil)

The people behind the wonderful lunch (and eventually dinner):

Left: ChuHuan (Helper 1) Right: Kak Ain (Head chef)

Left: Corrinne (Helper 2)

We stay under the same roof (ie, same flat). This was our first time cooking together. :]
It was supposed to be lunch but we cooked so much, we eventually had it for dinner too. (secretly happy) I love, love, love nasi lemak.

I think i ate half a kilogram of rice today. I honestly do. I ate non stop. Literally. My stomach felt like a bottomless pit. As i write, my poor tummy is hard at work digesting the three plates of nasi lemak i had for dinner (and the three plates i had for lunch). >.< I wonder how i managed to gorge that much of food down my throat. Never in my 20 years had i eaten SO MUCH! I shocked myself and i shocked the world! I am capable of EATING A LOT! I am a big, fat glutton! (Now Granny can't compare my food consumption to that of a cat's!)

Gonna get indigestion...


双子流星 said...

no u din shocked anyone cause u r 大吃originally.. hehe

corrinne said...

hmph!! i really eat a lot after coming here. i don't know why..
i think i've put on weight. (I'm sure of that) my watch has become tight.

双子流星 said...

Lol! Never mind, cause me too=) Hehe.

Pinkie123 said...

haha...u really get my stomache down!how do u guys make that?? how do u get the ikan bilis?!?! Tell me!

corrinne said...

^^ Kak ain is a wonderful cook. she brought the ikan bilis frm Malaysia. the sambal: blend onions + dried chillies. put belacan also. then tumis it. and put in onions, prawns or anything u want i guess. put salt and sugar to taste. I'm junior chef.

Delorfilinde said...

lol omg how can you eat so much??? you can get all the ingredients there?

g_yean_i said...

Looks so so so so delicious!!!! we're going to make nasi lemak but without the sambal this weekend.. we'll leave the sambal next week~ haha..

corrinne said...

@pen: i knw. i got a shock too. i think i ate a gazillion calories ytd. carbs carbs carbs =.= yeah.. all except pandan leaves. ^^ we have china town here.

@dudu: good luck!! it was delicious btw!!