Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shopping Like A Tiny Boss

Since I can't shop #like a boss because money doesn't grow on trees or fall down from the sky, I can only treat myself to this many clothes (and shoes. Note: no bags). The shopping frenzy started 2 weeks before the actual boxing day sales and 1 month after.

To Bickie who keeps pestering me for photos of my purchases. I live 10 minutes away from you but you insist I go through all this trouble taking pictures and folding clothes. (By the way I still can't find the skirt I bought):

#1 Ankle boots from Forever 21 <3
(My favouritest pair currently)

#2 Clothes
(Really love furry stuffs. But they're faux furs because I am AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY. Unless it's leather, because that is just a byproduct from the meat industry. At least I think it is. Found my answer here:

#3 More clothes
(Gonna give most away except for the sleeveless blouse and the green football shirt which I bought only because it was green. I have never heard of this German football club)

#4 Dresses
(Apparently the one on the right looks like a bath mat. Grrr. It's called fashion ok!
I'm not talking to my housemate for a week. Hehe)

#5 How the dress looks like when worn
(I proved my point. IT IS NICE! Gonna save it for the day I become a bridesmaid for someone's wedding :D
P.S: I don't know how that blue mark on my leggings got there. It's not a tear, I checked)

Please, someone, anyone... if you ever come across a wishing star, could you please wish that money grew on trees?? Sincerely thankful from the bottom of my poor heart~

Friday, January 27, 2012

Food not for thought?

  • Inspired by my friends who always post pictures of the food they cook on facebook #monkey see monkey do
  • But since I'm a naturally SHY person I will post them on blogger which has more privacy.
  • Hell yeah I finished my exam today! The day when I can finally say I've got too much time on my hands, has arrived. *infinite laughter* The tears will come in three months' time (when I get my results). I know it all too well.
  • Anyway, these are pictures from my lousy 2mp BlackBerry camera. I transferred them all into my laptop :) #I'm so free
  • Came back to an empty house today. And am still alone right now. Exams have officially finished and everyone's doing their disappearing act. Kinda missing this dysfunctional household.
I've come a long way from the I-burn-my-hand-frying-an-egg to the self-declared world renowed chef :P


#1 Roast chicken

#2 Herbal chicken soup
(P.S.: I still don't know how to cut a chicken so I cook it whole)

#3 Grilled chicken wings
(P.S: I was going through a weird period where I craved chicken wings every second of the day in the summer of 2011. Best wings in Manchester: Pizza Co. and Oxford Bar *drools*)

#4 Grilled fish

#5 Salmon sandwiches

#6 Sushi
(P.S: My misshapen sushi. I always start off feeling pumped and determined and then that feeling dies down and I couldn't be bothered anymore. After all, it goes into the stomach and comes out again)

#7 Nyonya food
(P.S: So proud of my heritage <3 *sheds a tear*)

#8 Spanish food @ La Tasca

#9 Chinese food @ Red Chilli
(P.S: That was only half of what we ordered. Tsk tsk... Gluttons. That red dish was SO SPICY it was impossible to eat -_- but the roast duck was PERFECT I tell you)

#10 Vietnamese food @ I don't remember the name

Too lazy to upload more. Anyway it isn't my dream to be a chef. Maybe a food critic :D
But the best of all is to be a WEDDING PLANNER/BRIDESMAID! I can plan you a 10-course traditional Chinese wedding and........... choose your wedding dress for you?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Retail Therapy

If I were to go to Nepal to take up meditation classes and to find inner peace and a purpose in life, it would be to shop till I drop. In fact I think I've already found my life's purpose. One cannot imagine the satisfaction and the sense of fulfilment it brings, the joy and happiness that fills my heart whenever I buy something new. It makes the gloomiest of days bearable.

Online shopping is the greatest invention ever! Of course you need a laptop to do that which ultimately makes it the greater creation. But that's useless without the internet, which is pretty much non-existant if there is no electricity -_- You get the picture.

Anyway back to the topic... It's an addiction.
Pros: No walking/carrying stuff/queuing- all you do is sit (Random fact: I spend 3/4 of my time sitting and the other 1/4 sleeping), no travelling time, no exposure whatsoever to the sun/storm/hail/sleet/snow and whatever the UK weather hurls at you, 24h availability- you can shop even after all the stores in the shopping complexes have closed.

Cons: It makes you waste time (I can sit and shop for hours without food- Shopping is more than a necessity and also a means of losing weight) and money especially if it has free delivery when you spend above 50-60pounds (most stores). I always find myself buying stuff that I don't need just to qualify for the free delivery. Oh yeah, I'm a victim of all these sales gimmicks.

...Which reminds me, I bought an exercising mat last year, used it for only a week before it became a permanent resident on my cupboard, collecting dust. I was fat ok! I needed one of those.

P.S. Bickie, I bought a pair of boots. I know I did say that I won't be buying anymore (but we agreed that ankle boots are an exception). But I'll be bringing all my stuff back to Malaysia when I graduate anyway so it doesn't matter now.

P.S.S: I also bought a coat. And some other awesome, amazing clothes.

P.S.S.S: Waiting for my babies to arrive. The feeling at each delivery is as good as opening the door to find a puppy at your doorstep.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

For my future daughter

Exams. I suppose everyone has to deal with them at some point in their lives. Some find exams a joy- I am not sure if this group of people exists but the other group- people who loathe exams so much (testophobia- I got it from wiki, which is of course not an accurate source of information) do. And unless you're a nerd or you really just love studying or you're freakishly smart/genius-y, exams won't be oh-so-easy.

For me, the hardest paper in the universe just finished today. Chemotherapy. The two hours in the exam hall was pure evil torture. I had to squeeze all my brain juices dry and it's not like I remembered the stupid structures I worked my butt off to memorise. When they're all jumbled up in the structure bank THEY FREAKING LOOK THE SAME TO ME!! ...... It's ridiculous. It's like mix and match with more than a hundred different structures and scientific names that go 'pyrantel pamoate' or 'sodium stibogluconate'.

I just hope that I pass that paper so I don't have to do any resits. I don't want to study for this paper again. I'd die. When I was younger (in kindergarten/primary school), the marks were always 99% if not a hundred. Especially in the moral paper (Pendidikan Moral), questions went like this, "Helping an old lady cross the road is a good deed. True or false". I did those with my eyes closed. *pfft* :D Then it came to secondary school. Just get more than 70% and you get an A. That was fine. And now I've come to my lowest point where I just hope to pass. :'( What more do I have to face? The pain of labour? I may just as well go for a C-sec in the future.

I grumble. A lot. And I complain a lot. That's just human nature. Well at least for me. I complain to my mum about how hard studying is. And Mum's advice: "No pain no gain". Why didn't I just become an air stewardess (if accepted of course), or find a rich guy and get married. But how long will that last? You can't be an air stewardess for 40 years. You become old and wrinkled and you get a job at the counter instead. Marry a rich man: if anything happens to that marriage, you are left with nothing. Money can't buy you no happiness.

After a lengthy post of self-debating/having internal conflicts, I found the purpose of studying. Just until 2013. So toughen up and don't be a no-backbone-r. By the way if the world ends in 2012 I'm so gonna throw a tantrum because studying ain't no playtime to me. And I spent the last 15 years bonding with my text books.

P.S.: This post is for my future daughter's reference if she ever questions me about becoming an air stewardess/marrying a rich man.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A random post for 2012

Heh. I'm gonna skip the/my usual intro stating how long I've been away and how busy I've been (apparently) and how this post will be a start to my consistent blogging. It's all crap. You know that will only happen in like, a gazillion years.

Anyway, I'm currently cramming for my January exams. Or not. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like my future career but I loathe working/studying for it. Quoting a friend, "January is such a hateful month". Well to be honest, January and May. Sigh.

Random stuff that happened this whole month:
1. I plan my wedding/gowns when I suffer from insomnia at night. I even now know what my bridesmaids are gonna wear (I got that vision last night :P)

2. I met Husna (currently studying in Ireland) on the bus when I arrived in Manchester after a holiday in Belgium- this goes on to prove my previous post on how small the world is

3. I haven't left the house for five freaking days omg *depressed*

4. Everyone seems to be getting married nooooowwwww. I AM OLD (eg, Timothy Tiah and Princess Aud, Mr. Saw's daughter and someone famous in Alor Star of whom I have no idea about, and 7-8 of my friends)

5. Been snacking a lot. So fats, please be kind enough to distribute yourselves around my boobs/hips and NOT MY WAIST!!!

6. Noted a couple of people with nice noses. If you're reading this, the Nice Nose Award goes to Lee Mei Chi and Lim Pen Nie

7. Secretly disappointed that it hasn't snowed this year. P.S: my snow applies to snow that falls to the ground and not melt and it has to be at least 5-6 inches thick

8. My bed is evil. It has powers that draw me to it and not let me go

9. I feel sleepy constantly ie, after waking up, after eating, while studying and most of the time I end up taking a 2 hour nap... Just like the African Sleeping Sickness (African trypanosomiasis)- disturbed sleeping patterns. Omggg I have to memorise so much *stomps foot and walks away*

10. ......

I should be studying shouldn't I?!?!?!?!

*tears the book in half* <---- in my imagination cuz I don't wanna fail :((((