Monday, December 14, 2009

I really have nothing better to do

I am so bored. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
I kissed my table while studying Physical Pharmacy (in simpler terms, i dozed off while attempting to study.)

Rather than to continue smooching my table, I made the wiser choice of updating my darling blog even when i did not have anything to update it on. =.='' i know...

I have a new pet. It's a ladybird. Isn't it just cute?? (i'm using 'it' because i do not know how to determine its gender.)

Name: Polka dot
Sex: Unknown
Age: 19 months old? (a wild guess. Erm.. because it has 19 spots? Yeah, i counted the spots on Polka dot. I know i'm way too free)

I thought i killed it just the other night when i was going to sleep. The lights were all off so it was obviously dark. And of all places, Polka dot decided to sleep on my neck. It was ticklish (duh..) so my hand went smack. Oops..

I was worried of course. So i switched on the lights to check Polka dot's heart beat. Ahhh... Relief washed over me! It's ALIVE!! I'm not a murderer.

So there is the picture of Polka dot settled comfortably on my finger. We are the best of friends. ^^
It is so easy to keep Polka dot as a pet. Low maintenance. I don't need to feed it. I don't need to clean poop. Maybe you would consider keeping a ladybird as a pet??


双子流星 said...

Oh my~ U ah..Haha. Hey can I dun study?????????????????

corrinne said...

haha. what's wrong with me?
can can. me too. pls.. i've no idea on what i'm studying.

双子流星 said...

yea. i dun even understand a single thing. haih. n my aa asked us to go n have fun. lol!

g_yean_i said...

sweat!!! How can you keep the ladybirds as pet????????????? hahaha..

corrinne said...

@bickie: I will listen to yr AA!!! haha

@dudu: can, of course. Polka dot is vr manja. always fly onto my hand. it likes me! hahahahaha.

Pinkie123 said...

ohmy. I am so "nyiaoed" when i saw this. haha. I tot the podka dotds is the dot on yr thumb?? hahaha..

corrinne said...

@carol: cheh! my mole is cute ok?? ^^

Delorfilinde said...

lol the ladybird doesn't go away?? don't it have to eat? xD

corrinne said...

yeah.. it doesn't go away. maybe because i didn't open my window for it. hahahaha. ladybirds eat insects. maybe it eats the bed bugs on my bed? no idea. LOL. maybe i should release it.