Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Officially started working kekekeke. I still wake up every morning feeling energised.. so happy. Somemore I wake up at 6am. Pfft. Finally I can earn money and spend spend spend! My friend advised me to buy something nice for myself with my first pay check. Will buy diamonds la hahahahaha. And pay in instalments lolol.

Work has so far been good. Except for a few hiccups every now and then. Like getting lost in a hospital. And going back to work on a Sunday. Pfft pfft pfft. Saaaaaaaad. Never mind la, at least I got my Christmas off xD



Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mua Chee Making Day

Finally got down to making mua chee after making my intention known for a few weeks haha. Got the recipe from my younger-than-me mama. Jadi loh.. my first try some more... quite impressed with myself wth. Hidden talent. Maybe I should just open a stall selling mua chee at the pasar malam.

I roasted the peanuts from scratch leh. So tedious. And then my mum helped to remove the peanut skin. I was gonna take over when she pointed out some peanuts which skin was hard to remove. I thought she was gonna teach me some petua orang tua. Manatau she said 'when you see these peanuts, skin hard to remove right, you just eat it'. -_________-

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Can't believe it's December already! It's been four months and a certain number of days since I left UK for good. This year Christmas is not gonna be white. AND I'M STILL JOBLESS omg. I'm currently still waiting for my posting till the hair on my head becomes white. Maybe I'll grow enough white hair and a paunch to be Santa Claus without a costume lol. Nexus 5 is on my wishlist ah. Soemeone please sek jo a bit. Sien... 

I really wanna blog about my shopping hehehehehe but then my laptop gg haih. Dunno what I did to make my HD spoil? Now I lost all my data and more importantly the pictures from my trips pfft. The IT guy told me he can't retrieve my data and that he'll need to send it overseas and it'll definitely cost MYR1000++ at the very least pfft. WHO ASKED ME NO BACKUP?! I will slowly recover my pics from my friend's external HD okayyy... eventually la see whether I rajin or not wth. Backup or no backup also same la. The external HD may spoil too what. I develop the pics also I lose them wth. Nevermind la, the memories are what that counts.