Monday, August 17, 2009

A letter to mankind

I wrote this too. Although i think it might be a little cliched.

You reap the fruits of the Earth,
leaving us to starve.
You cut down the trees,
ruining our habitats,
to build luxurious homes for yourselves,
spas and resorts to unwind,
and casinos for entertainment.
All in the name of modernisation.

You kill us for our fur,
be it striped, be it polka dotted.
You kill us for our hide,
to make handbags and shoes.
All in the name of fashion.

Oh, but you won't stop!
You take my bile,
you take his paws,
and you take her tusks.
Because you say they are of medicinal values.

Have you ever stopped to think about us,
to hear our pleas and our cries,
are you so blinded by wealth and the riches life has to offer,
that you fail to see our sufferings?

We were created by God too,
but you were given the ability to think,
we counted on you to protect our species,
we counted on you,
the creatures we call Homo sapiens.

We have long suffered in silence,
and now we are writing this to you,
'what have we done to deserve this?'


g_yean_i said...

wow, corrinne, out of sudden, you become so sentimental! but then , i agree with what you said! =) Man nowadays, really have no sense of loving this mother nature.. I wonder when everyone will wake up and start protecting instead of destroying... hmph~

corrinne said...

mood swing!~
i'm jz doing my part.. though i always fail. the key to success : never give up!!
i wanna become vegetarian d!
bt i ate chicken rice this aft..
haha. will try to reduce chicken intake. new resolution..

g_yean_i said...

haha.. ya~ reduce eating meats will do~ hehe.. jia you jia you!! hehe..