Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm dating Happiness

Holidays have officially started. And to kick-start my holiday mood, we (me, CY, WH, Bickie, YY and Mama) went shopping at Arndale. Had a time of our lives. Everything was on sale!! Grabbed a couple of sweaters and a shirt for Daddy. I smell bliss in the week ahead.

I have been set free from bondage. Let's rejoice!

Tonight's itinerary: Cookie baking.

You name it, we bake it. Haha. Now, now... i'm a pretty good baker. So how bout i bake your wedding cake for your big day? 10-tier? 100-tier? A cake as high as the Petronas Twin Towers? Just think about it and let me know.

Aren't they lovely? :)

P.S. I will be leaving for London and Scotland tomorrow night so there will be no updates from me for a week. Goodbye blog. Goodbye world. Goodbye friends. I am off...


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Of Christmas Carols and Snow

It snowed in Manchester. ^^ Felt like i was living in a snow globe. The streets were white. The roof tops were white. It was beautiful. I would be doing it injustice if i were to give you a description (anyway, i can't find the right words besides 'white'). If only i could relive today. Do i really have to grow up?? I enjoy being the rebellious, carefree, irresponsible, messy teenager-adult (i'm still young, okay?) that i am (nah... i think i'm filial alright. Hehe.) How i wish i were 20 forever. But Neverland only exists in Peter Pan. The closest i can get to is Netherlands and i will grow old there. SIGH. On a different note, i hope it will snow so heavily tonight that Whitworth Park gets buried under snow so i don't have to sit for my test tomorrow. *evil grin*

Attended a Christmas Carol at the Catholic Chaplaincy near my school. Wow. It was amazing. The soloist, Joanne Patocs has got a really powerful voice (duh~ that is why she is the soloist).

I am really looking forward to Christmas :-)))))))))

My favourite song: 'When a Child is born'. Enjoy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What does it mean when..

A guy gives a girl chocolates?????

I'd be so dead when MK sees this. Muahahahahahahaha. ^^ Oh well.. I'd just ask for forgiveness then. I will not reveal MK's real identity so don't bother to ask alright?


Would you believe it? XP gave MK chocolates on the last day of XXX.

So i went along and googled "what does it mean when a guy gives a girl chocolates?" HAHA. (I am so >.<)

Here is the summary of the answers:
1. (MK please note) He likes you! WOOT!
2. It means he gave you some chocolates.. why is everything so complicated?? (Just ignore this!!)

Ciao! I'm stitching my lips shut for now.

I really have nothing better to do

I am so bored. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
I kissed my table while studying Physical Pharmacy (in simpler terms, i dozed off while attempting to study.)

Rather than to continue smooching my table, I made the wiser choice of updating my darling blog even when i did not have anything to update it on. =.='' i know...

I have a new pet. It's a ladybird. Isn't it just cute?? (i'm using 'it' because i do not know how to determine its gender.)

Name: Polka dot
Sex: Unknown
Age: 19 months old? (a wild guess. Erm.. because it has 19 spots? Yeah, i counted the spots on Polka dot. I know i'm way too free)

I thought i killed it just the other night when i was going to sleep. The lights were all off so it was obviously dark. And of all places, Polka dot decided to sleep on my neck. It was ticklish (duh..) so my hand went smack. Oops..

I was worried of course. So i switched on the lights to check Polka dot's heart beat. Ahhh... Relief washed over me! It's ALIVE!! I'm not a murderer.

So there is the picture of Polka dot settled comfortably on my finger. We are the best of friends. ^^
It is so easy to keep Polka dot as a pet. Low maintenance. I don't need to feed it. I don't need to clean poop. Maybe you would consider keeping a ladybird as a pet??

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Physical Pharmacy blues

I know i should be studying right now. But it's Physical Pharmacy-the T.T (i am crying) subject. SIGH. There i was hunched over my lecture notes (for around 10 minutes before i ended up on the evil facebook) but my brain just refused to work. I couldn't even fathom the words that were staring back at me. *Oh dear* How am i going to sit for the test on FRIDAY???

What is monotropic polymorphism supposed to mean??!!!

So, when i come to this point, i start indulging in food. I am trying to refrain from having supper but this is definitely one of the hardest task i have ever encountered in my entire life.

Corrinne versus Supper.

I lost. Supper won.


A little performance brought to you by,
Corrinne, CY, Mama and Aileen. :]
Hope you love it!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I love...

... the weather today. It was so sunny and bright in the morning (for once)!! :]
I love God.
I love Daddy and Mummy.
I love Sis.
I love my pets.
I love my friends.
I love today.
I love being 20.
I love bags and shoes.
I love chocolates, ice creams, cakes and anything sweet.
I love the ladybird that stays with me.
I love the pigeons outside my window.
I love social parties.
I love weddings.
I love eating.
I love shopping.
I love everybody in the whole, wide world...

I am in such a pleasant mood today. :-)))))))))))))
Ask for my hand in marriage and i will definitely say yes. LOL.

Nope, no BF. I don't need one to make me happy. *haughty tone* I'm happy as it is. ^^
Neither have i completed my assignments (not a single piece) =.=

Oh well... I don't need a reason to be happy!

P.S. I think it is because of the wonderful weather.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Ball

:] A big smile for you.

Loved it. Such a waste it ended early.
All of us that went: from left; SC, Aileen, me, Karen, Wanhui, Chuhuan and Alvin.

Oh... I LOVE my hair. ^^ And my dress. I'm sleeping in it tonight. LOL. My kind flatmate styled my hair. She's real good (as good as a professional hairstylist).

On the not-so-bright side, my high heels were killing me the whole time. Almost died. With high heels, the fastest pace i could manage was 1 cm per minute. The route from the main hall gate to my room took ages.
Killer shoes. SIGH. The price of being vain. My poor feet...

The joy of shopping

Indescribable feeling.

Shopping can definitely mend the broken heart. I totally forgot all my worries and my care (in this case, assignments) while shopping :] SIGH. Bought a dress, a bag and tights. Primark sure sucks the $$ out of my purse. I'm broke again! And i need the cash machine. NOW. =.= Anyway, i had to buy them because they were oh-so-cheap!

Wearing the dress to tonight's Christmas Ball! Woohooo! Shall upload the pictures later on... :]

Spilled rice all over my carpet. This is so me. Sigh. Bent over to pick them up, grain by grain, grain by grain... and guess what i found? GOLD. ^^ That is such a lie. Instead, i found nail clippings, clumps of hair... I shall not describe my room to you anymore. You get the picture.

Note to self:
Assignments due on MONDAY
Vacuum room ASAP (maybe after coming back from Scotland)

Just another week to Christmas Hols!! Hohohohoho.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When students are stressed

I need a break.

Assignments, assignments, assignments.... Sigh. I seem very free but am actually not. I have tonnes of work waiting for me to complete. =.= (all last minute) I'm so not sleeping tonight. (i've broken every single one of my December resolutions. I'll start all over again in January-to welcome the new year :] and break them all the next day) If i didn't have a roof in my room, my stack of assignments would have already reached the moon. SIGH.

When students are stressed (i got these in an email. Laughed my head off):

I like the last one. (personal favourite) He hanged himself in the end. LOL.
I'm not being a sadist or anything. This is just way too FUN-NAY. I would've done the same anyway.

Have been indulging in chocolates. =.=
I regretted the day i bought them. (now i'm eating nonstop again)

Gotta get back to work. :[

Monday, December 7, 2009

This is what happens when Corrinne is too free

I never got to dress up as a vampire so this is what i'll look like if i did. Too sweet to be scary right? (You have to agree with me. Won't take no as an answer.) ^^ Muahahahahahahahahaha...
*vampire laugh*

Aileen looks like Bobo the clown. (shhh... don't tell her i said that)

CY got punched (mook) in the face. LOL... and she grew a beard. I, on the other hand, grew a moustache.

WH has rosy cheeks. She is an angel... :]


Killing some time

An update a day keeps my blog alive! :]
*see how determined i am*

Right now i'm just waiting to go out to do my weekly shopping-Like an auntie :[

Itinerary for the next two weeks before Christmas holidays:
Christmas Ball on Friday :] !!
Physical Pharmacy mock test the following Friday :[
Then i'm free...

Itinerary for my one month Christmas holidays:
20-21/12 - Going to London
22-26/12 - Going to Scotland (where i'll definitely be able to make a KT lookalike snowguy getting married to a GW lookalike snowgirl - i really have nothing better to do)
26/12 (night) - Back to Manchester. ^^
Gonna miss Boxing Day this year. (This is so sad) *secretly hoping that i'll be able to shop in Scotland* P.S. : MAMA PLEASE READ THIS ^^

And... Off i go.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I feel satisfied. So satisfied. At long last, i finally got to eat Malaysian food. I know i've been cooking but the food i cook is the put-everything-you-can-find-in-the-fridge-in kinda stuff.
Anyway, i had nasi lemak, the yummiest food in the world. *rubbing my belly and smacking my lips*

Allow me to tempt you fellow Malaysians in UK. ^^ (i am so evil)

The people behind the wonderful lunch (and eventually dinner):

Left: ChuHuan (Helper 1) Right: Kak Ain (Head chef)

Left: Corrinne (Helper 2)

We stay under the same roof (ie, same flat). This was our first time cooking together. :]
It was supposed to be lunch but we cooked so much, we eventually had it for dinner too. (secretly happy) I love, love, love nasi lemak.

I think i ate half a kilogram of rice today. I honestly do. I ate non stop. Literally. My stomach felt like a bottomless pit. As i write, my poor tummy is hard at work digesting the three plates of nasi lemak i had for dinner (and the three plates i had for lunch). >.< I wonder how i managed to gorge that much of food down my throat. Never in my 20 years had i eaten SO MUCH! I shocked myself and i shocked the world! I am capable of EATING A LOT! I am a big, fat glutton! (Now Granny can't compare my food consumption to that of a cat's!)

Gonna get indigestion...

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Things you should know:
It's the 5th of December 2009.
And i went to York, which is about 2 hours' drive from Manchester.

Now i shall pass the post over to the pictures. Afterall, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

Pictures taken along the way

the countryside

Our tour around York brought us to these places:

Clifford's Tower

The York Dungeon

A picture of a pirate holding what seemed like a knife with cobwebs hanging around

Then we had lunch at Revolution (a bar). Our food came after 15 minutes so lunch was on them! ^^ Anyway, the food was good! :]

Aileen and I

the rest of us (minus Bickie and YY)
P.S. YY doesn't stand for Yunyi here

The food we had:

Autumn chicken skewers

Revolution platter

Nachos layered with melting cheese
(yup, it's 'melting' not 'melted'. I double checked.)

The inside of York Minster

We climbed the tower to the top. (It was my 'brilliant' idea we did that. I didn't expect the steps to be so steep.) But in the end, i stood where soldiers once upon a time stood, looking out for enemies riding on horses coming from afar. Or messengers coming to offer peace. Or just admiring the beautiful sunset. (Oh... i sound so dramatic.)

Now that i'm at the top, i can arrogantly say that the climb was a piece of cake. ^^

The steps of the tower. There were 275 steps altogether.
(i did feel a little giddy)

Halfway to the top.

We weren't supposed to remain here/take pictures. Guess we didn't know the danger we were putting ourselves into. I mean, someone might fall over, right? *touch wood*

Suddenly, there was this announcement over the LOUDSPEAKER, 'girls, please continue walking.' They had spy cameras installed! (ok, maybe i watch too much Jackie Chan)

The view of York from the top

That's me!

Friday, December 4, 2009


See... i'm determined to keep my blog alive!

A blog is supposed to be an online diary,right? So here goes...

Dear online diary,
Today, i woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, went to class, almost slept in class, came back, ate lunch, went for biology practicals, was just on time, stained my lab coat pink, came back, logged onto facebook, found out that Papa stole my fruits in Country Story >.< (just like i always steal his-just not as much and Yvonne's-quite a lot :] sorry!), thought 1 hour and 30 minutes was a long time so i took my own sweet time in getting ready-we (Mancunians) were supposed to gather at Mama's room at 6.30pm, it was 6pm by the time i wanted to bathe. :] When i finished bathing, it was already 6.25pm. Anyway, i was late in the end. Bumped into Aileen at the doorstep (she was late too. Love you, A). ^^

We had dinner. 5 dishes altogether (main course)-herbal chicken soup, turmeric chicken, stewed potatoes,veggies and omelette. Had 'tangyuan' and lychee for dessert. Dinner was good! I cooked the omelette ALL BY MYSELF (actually it was just egg and onions). Anyway, Mama praised me! Told you i'm a pretty good cook. (what i'm trying to imply here is-hire me as your wedding caterer,ok? PLEASE?) Didn't bring my camera so i don't have any pictures to upload (you will most probably see it on Mama's blog anyway). Saw a guy goofing around. He was dressed up as a... cheerleader??

Back in my room now. Blogging (instead of doing my lab report).
Going to sleep at 12midnight sharp! Not one minute later. Joining a trip to York tomorrow, so i gotta make sure i wake up early.

Hope your day was just as good! Or even better!

Goodnight, peeps!!

P.S.: The 'Papa' and 'Mama' mentioned here aren't my real parents. I call my real dad 'Daddy' and my real mum 'Mummy'. Daddy doesn't play Country Story!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Paris

Here are the pictures of Paris that i promised..

She's so cute, isn't she? :]

It's quite sad to think that i'll be missing from her puppy-hood now that she's in Malaysia and i'm over here. *sigh*

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My December Resolutions

Today's the 1st of December.
Here are my resolutions:

1. No eating after 8pm
2. No staying up late
3. No waking up late
4. Eat fruits 30 minutes before a meal
5. No snacks in between meals

I'm gonna lead a healthy lifestyle from tomorrow onwards.
*Yes I am!*
Tonight is officially the last night i'm ever having supper.
*Yes it is!*
Corrinne will be fit in no time.
*Yes she will!*
P.S. I'm in the cheer leading squad to cheer myself on. :]
Yeah... so let's imagine me in a red and white tutu with matching pompoms doing somersaults for myself.

See... i told you that i'm bored.(Blogging is to kill time)
By the way, my healthy supper consisted of wholemeal bread (carbohydrates, fibre), cucumber (vitamins and minerals), cheese (protein), margarine (vitamin E, fats) and mayonnaise (fats).



An update finally! :] It's been one month plus since the last post. How time flies! I can never keep my blog updated no matter how hard i try, no matter how many times i make a mental note to try, no matter how many times i promise myself that i will cos blogs=essays, and i don't like essays. Off the record, i've finally completed my 1200 word essay! Phheewww...
I'm bored right now (just finished my Organic Chemistry test). So i thought, 'why not update my blog'. Right?

The past one month has been good. I didn't fall off the bed in the mornings, i didn't cut my finger with the knife, i didn't burn down the kitchen, i didn't freeze on my way to class and last but not least, i have a new puppy which i plan to name Paris (after Paris Hilton). That is the highlight of the month! I'll put pictures of her as soon as i get them. I promise...

My Christmas wish??
Snow in Manchester. Oh... please let it snow! I want to build a snowman. No... i want to build a family of snowmen. In fact, i know what i'm going to build now! The Tuang family snowmen, snowwomen, snowboys and snowgirls. ^^ Papa (KT) and Mama (GW) will be so proud of me!

One last thing, my dear friends...
I'll be going back to Malaysia on the 15th of June! So, clear your social calendars! I'm so going to hang out (a.k.a lepak) 24/7 and stuff myself silly with food until i become a balloon!