Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yesterday and Today

I went to the gym for a workout yesterday :) (You know, since I'm gaining so much weight like nobody's business and I've already begun to see the signs, for example, puffy cheeks and a really flabby tummy)

This is the second step to a healthy lifestyle. (I'm already practising the first one-eating healthily. I eat OATS for breakfast everyday to lower my cholesterol level, okay...)

Honestly I didn't know what I was thinking at that time. Jogging Brisk walking certainly isn't the most pleasant thing in the world. Plus I only lost 54 calories after a 20 minute jog which is crap. I feel so cheated. And later that night, I ate a slice of chocolate cake for dessert which I almost immediately regretted but it was so tempting I couldn't resist it. It's so frustrating sometimes. It is so difficult to lose weight but so easy to gain weight. But then again, who said life is fair??

Today, I had pancakes and egg tarts for lunch (high calorie foods again) T_________T
*They were homemade*

Delicious pancake served with bananas, strawberries, hazelnut butter(nutella), and topped with golden syrup.

I know the picture doesn't look too appetizing. I used a blue tint(blue is an appetite suppressant colour) so that you won't feel like eating it and won't drool all over your keyboard. See, it is for your own good.

Sorry, no pictures of the egg tarts.

I baked and played cards the whole day. There goes my 'today'...
Gotta get some work done tonight. *keeping my fingers crossed*

Random fact: I'm beginning to like Professor T. His accent is sooooooo cute and I found out that I can actually understand his lectures if I pay attention. *loves*

Friday, March 12, 2010

Classic death

(Romeo and) Juliet's funniest death ever starts at 1:06...
I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

Sitcom: The Nanny
This is all I ever do these days. I live off movies like a movie monster.

"Repent ye Dear Corrinne before thy exams cometh and thou hath not started revising."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Power of Music

Is it just me or has the sudden change in weather induced drowsiness? Mind you, it's already spring. Nice, sunny spring :) It's been a long time since I last took a nap but for the past couple of days, I've been falling asleep while SITTING UPRIGHT in my CHAIR =.=

Something then hit me. I remember reading an article in Reader's Digest about a girl who was suffering from a sleep disorder. She just kept sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. I don't remember what the name of the disorder was but there was no cure. I don't want to die from excessive sleep. T______________T

Something hit me the second time. I realised that I had been listening to soothing, relaxing and calming music for the past week. Well, it was supposed to enhance concentration, something I lack, right? I have got to the bottom of the Sleeping Corrinne Mystery. See. Told you I'm a detective (read:Sherlock Holmes). Just to prove my new theory, I went and searched it online. And then... I stumbled on this page with the title 'The Use of Music to Promote Sleep in Older Women'. I am NOT older women. T_________________T

Another worrying fact is, plants that were exposed to loud, rock music withered and died whereas plants which were exposed to soft, classical music grew faster. (You can read the article here) ZOMG, I'm not hitting the clubs anymore. T_______________T

P.S. I've been to the club only ONCE in my entire twenty years of life.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Work, work, work

See. I'm keeping up with the one-post-a-day routine. Ok, so maybe today is just the second day but so what?? I am still following my blog standards. My blog so needs major reviving.
Right, basically I just need a kick in the butt to get started.

I have a pile of work waiting for me with arms opened wide. T_T
(Of all things) Reflective essay: 'My path so far on the way to becoming a practising pharmacist.' =.= Gag, gag, puke, puke, puke. I don't even know where to start. Because, I'm too awesome for words, ok?!?!

So, I pushed my luck a little too far by asking Mum to do the essay for me. Hehe. Fat chance.
'Cos Mum simply refused. T_T
The answer I got when I asked was, 'think about it'. Thankyouverymuch.
I know... it's my work. I should do it by myself. Plus, this is personal. Blah blah blah. I don't need you to preach to me.
I'm going to do it. Soon. I hate you, Procrastination!

I had a good laugh watching 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'The Nanny' today. How ironic, isn't it? Especially since I remember saying something about how-busy-I-am in my previous post.

Duuhhh. Week six is coming to an end and I have three, THREE!! tests awaiting me in Week seven. I have to cram six weeks of lecture notes in, let's see, four days. How cool is that?!
Serves me right since I haven't been doing any revision whatsoever.

I have a feeling that Mr. Zit is going to attack me face. Again.


It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. I'm a very busy person FYI thankyouverymuch.

Having insomnia now.. T_T
I had practicals today, which means exhaustion. I took a looooong nap like sleeping beauty when I came back and I woke up at 8pm. How do you expect me to go to sleep now?


Anyway... here's the update. It was Aileen's birthday two days ago.
We celebrated it at Bella Italia. Like the name suggests, it was an Italian restaurant. Don't ask me who Bella is. As far as I'm concerned, they have really yummy gelati.

Typical English ambience. Loved it. Those were real candles and I did a little experiment with it. Hehe. When hair is heated, it becomes curly because the disulphide bridges are broken.

Romantic isn't it?
That's the characteristic of a Libran (me). Maybe I shall just get married here..
Ooh.. and the waiter was hawt because he had on a really nice uniform with a dark green apron. But no, he didn't propose.

The seven of us that went :)
Miss Birthday Girl is the one in a leopard print blouse. Happy birthday hun.