Saturday, August 29, 2009

I will always love my retainers

The past week has been a living nightmare. A zillion forms to fill in and bad luck all the way. Or maybe it was because of my mere ignorance. Really! It was one of the lowest moments in the history of Corrinne.

Firstly, it was the hassle of applying for a visa. I did not read through the payment methods very carefully. I thought i could pay the fee in cash. Turned out i had to use a banker's draft. Luckily i found this out a day before my appointment from my friend. Although the banks were all closed by then, i still had time to get it done the next morning.

The most unfortunate thing happened to me right after. Something that had never crossed my mind. So 'suay'! I lost my retainers! I lost Rainey my retainers! I lost my retainers of eight months! She was still a baby. This is so depressing. Rainey was a personal item. And i am really missing her. Poor Rainey! She is now spending the rest of her days in the Sushi King rubbish bin in Mid Valley. *I'm really sorry Rainey. R.I.P. Thanks a lot waiter-who-threw-my-retainers-away!* I have to spend another RM300 on a new one.

Today, i attended 'University of Manchester Pre-departure briefing' at the KL Convention Centre. Instead, i went to Mandarin Oriental Hotel, thinking that the briefing was being held there. I had a delightfully long lecture on responsibility from my parents after that.

I have turned over a new leaf! Corrinne is as responsible as ever now. In fact, i just emailed my friends a form to apply for an International Student Card instead of the usual (them emailing me forms).

However, i still miss Rainey dearly. *Sigh*
This has been a really wonderful lesson.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


You must have been so curious about that title that you had to click to see the post, didn't you? Let me tell you a secret, that's the newest code to replace 5201314. GOTCHA!!

Truth be told, DE.01.02.009 will be my future home. Not the rumah orang ulu okay! This one is in Manchester. It's my university accommodation. Apparently, they loved me so much they decided to give me my first choice. I'm just pulling your legs! There's no such thing. Who am i kidding? They don't even know me(yet). =)

In about four weeks, an exciting chapter in my life will start. Uni life! And i just can't wait..
(Although this means that i'm aging!)

Oh and one more thing, cheokee has begun seeing LYY. I hereby grant her my blessings despite the fact that it left me crushed. Okaaaay!! I am lying! They are not together.

Friday, August 21, 2009

7D6N in Kuching

A one month late post.. Nevertheless still a post.

I'd like to start off with a really HUGE thank you to Aylwin and his family for being such wonderful hosts. They housed us throughout our stay in Kuching, were the cooks and were also our tour guides...

Our first stop was picturesque Damai Beach.

We saw a model taking snapshots at one end of the beach and a couple taking wedding photographs at the other end. I had this sudden urge to run over to the soon-to-be-married couple and offer to become their bridesmaid.

Then, we went to the Sarawak Cultural Village.

And i found my dream house...


It would have been quite a pleasant change from the brick house that i have been living in.

Some of my friends did not think very highly of my new home. So i decided to ask the Fairy God Mother to change it into Cinderella's castle. Yes, you guessed correctly. We went fairy-hunting at...

Being a group of very determined people, we searched high and low for any fairies that might be present. Alas, our search was to no avail. Until today, my house still remains a rumah orang ulu. But on the bright side, i managed to lose 2 kg during that one hour expedition.

We went to many, many other places which i am very, very lazy to state here and had lots and lots of fun.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

get a grip

It started blissful. A three month holiday. Something school goers would covet. But somehow it took a turn for the worse.

Never ending movies... sounds appealing, don't they? That was what i did. A movie marathon. Movie after movie after movie. I snapped out of it after a week though cos i got tired of that couch potato lifestyle.

Then, i started reading novels. (I've finished three so far) But that didn't last either. So i tried the alternative. Sleeping. I slept almost 16 hours a day. Inclusive of afternoon naps. Imagine that. Two-thirds of my day gone. That continued until yesterday when i suffered a bout of insomnia. I couldn't sleep until 6 a.m. That frightened me..

I've decided to pick up the pieces and put my life back into perspective.
Starting today.

my other quarters

Name : Airbud a.k.a Bud-bud
Age : 6 years
He's the cute one! But readers beware! Bud-bud can be really mean at times. Have i ever told you he killed my rabbit and a little bird when i was teaching it how to fly? I still love him all the same though..

Name : Junior a.k.a Ju-ju
Age : 5 years
He's the kind one! Ju-ju will never hurt a fly.. He used to have a girlfriend that waited outside my gate 24/7. They made a cute couple especially when they went on walks together. But she dumped him about two months ago for another dog named Johnny.

Name : Prince
Age : 1 year
Presenting.. Prince, the half-blooded mini pinscher.
"I'm spoilt and pampered. And i enjoy giving my master lots of heartache. I know how to sit, shake hand and give hi-5s. Due to my relatively small size, i always end up getting bullied by my two elder brothers. That is why i'm given a private space i call my own."
Did you know : Stroking a pet can help reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure, keeping the stress levels at bay. They provide companionship and lessen feelings of loneliness. Dogs... they give you unconditional love.
You know where i'm going...

So, adopt a pet today!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A letter to mankind

I wrote this too. Although i think it might be a little cliched.

You reap the fruits of the Earth,
leaving us to starve.
You cut down the trees,
ruining our habitats,
to build luxurious homes for yourselves,
spas and resorts to unwind,
and casinos for entertainment.
All in the name of modernisation.

You kill us for our fur,
be it striped, be it polka dotted.
You kill us for our hide,
to make handbags and shoes.
All in the name of fashion.

Oh, but you won't stop!
You take my bile,
you take his paws,
and you take her tusks.
Because you say they are of medicinal values.

Have you ever stopped to think about us,
to hear our pleas and our cries,
are you so blinded by wealth and the riches life has to offer,
that you fail to see our sufferings?

We were created by God too,
but you were given the ability to think,
we counted on you to protect our species,
we counted on you,
the creatures we call Homo sapiens.

We have long suffered in silence,
and now we are writing this to you,
'what have we done to deserve this?'

save our planet

There i was, sitting on the couch, watching Animal Planet. Not my first choice of a movie. But there were simply no good programmes on Disney, Cartoon Network, HBO, Star Movies, AXN, Hallmark, and Cinemax. I've arranged them according to preference. Please allow me to assure you that i'm aware that i should be watching educational programmes. ( mental note to self : corrinne, repent! )

The thing is, global warming is really taking its toll on the animals, especially the penguins and the polar bears. The ice is melting. Food is scarce. The little, innocent cubs can barely make it through winter. Eventually, they become extinct. All is not lost, though. This could all change! If only you would lift a finger..

There are simple ways that you can all do to help save Earth. She sustained us millions of years ago and still is. It's time we returned this favour.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The three basic steps to saving our planet. Simple.


I wrote this poem. My first attempt in 20 years. ( i'm 20 years old )
And i want to dedicate it to all my friends. It's an amateur piece but i hope you'll like it.

They come and they go,
It's part and parcel of life, i know,
They leave footprints on your heart,
That lasts forever.

I look back on yesteryears,
And all the memories we had together,
My eyes fill with tears,
But only tears of happiness.

There may have been conflicts,
There may have been misunderstandings,
But the good times we shared,
Are the times to cherish.

Thank you for being there for me,
Thank you for sharing my joy and my sorrow,
Thank you for being my friend,
I can't thank you enough.

We'll part in a month or two,
So i dedicate this poem to you,
That wherever you may be,
There i'll be.


This is my first post in 6 months. A sudden bout of determination that i'll continue to blog. I know the last few posts spell L-A-M-E. Tell me about it.
Anyway, this is currently my holiday resolution-blog updating.

*fingers crossed*