Saturday, June 6, 2015

I'm Writing Today

Oooh my long lost blog which I absolutely did not forget about.

Currently doing my extended shift in a clinic with no patients muahahahaha bored die me you have no idea. Ok lah, there were a number of patients in the morning but after 12noon (till 3pm), ten patients altogether. And I thought shaking legs was my idea of a dream job ><

So to kill time, I browsed through guides on Bangkok, went gaga over pictures of Chocolate Ville and Platinum Mall, obsessed about wedding venues and gowns and last but not least studied the IKEA catalogue. I swear I can name all the different Swedish names for the furniture.

But after doing all that, I still have 10 minutes before punching out. This definitely is the longest 10 minutes of my life. Every time I glance at the wall clock, not even 5 minutes has passed. Who says time flies again? It only flies when I'm mahjonging. If only playing mahjong can make me lose belly fat. Grrrr.