Friday, August 8, 2008


080808... How cool is that? The Olympic games have officially begun. What's more... It just doesn't stop there. It's my dad's birthday and my friend's dad's too. =)

I wished my birthdate were a multiple number. Sigh...Can't believe i'm jealous of my dad's birthdate. Yean Hui's probably gonna write a me a comment saying, 'sweat!'. My dad celebrated his birthday... without me!! I can't believe that either!! I'm left out?!

Oh well... my mid term holiday is just a week away. I'm counting down the days. Hurray!! I'll eat as much cake as i want to then. I'm on a weight-gain diet, remember?

NOOOOOOOOO... I wasted my whole day again. Let's see. I slept for two hours. ( I've got a lot of catching up to do with my beauty sleep ) I sleep a lot. But that's because I'm still growing, okay. I'm gonna grow tall someday. And i got myself a new pair of shoes. *smiles*

Gotta go! Ciao!



yeanhui said...

haha... you really understand me de o... but then, i'm jealous of your dad's birthday also lo!!! 0808, such a nice number!!!! haha.. excuse me? you're 18+ ady wo.. still will grow tall???? haha... maybe you should ask from husnah about that drink! ahha.. neway, you got another new shoes? what shoes is that? slippers or closed shoes? lastly, can you count the number of shoes you have? i'm sure the figure will be fascinating! haha..

Pen Nie said...

aww... happy birthday to your dad. shoes? will heels i presume. so you can be taller. muahahaha! i think you are taller than me right?

corrinne said...

er pen i dono if i'm taller than u or not.. hehe. but i got raised shoes. not closed up. without heels. i dono wat u call it. yup.. it'll make me taller. =)

Pinkie123 said...
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Pinkie123 said...

be aware of being taller that yr face bulat-bulat. Yr dad sure vry touched, it seems that the opening ceremony at Beijing was designed specially for him. haha!