Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my other quarters

Name : Airbud a.k.a Bud-bud
Age : 6 years
He's the cute one! But readers beware! Bud-bud can be really mean at times. Have i ever told you he killed my rabbit and a little bird when i was teaching it how to fly? I still love him all the same though..

Name : Junior a.k.a Ju-ju
Age : 5 years
He's the kind one! Ju-ju will never hurt a fly.. He used to have a girlfriend that waited outside my gate 24/7. They made a cute couple especially when they went on walks together. But she dumped him about two months ago for another dog named Johnny.

Name : Prince
Age : 1 year
Presenting.. Prince, the half-blooded mini pinscher.
"I'm spoilt and pampered. And i enjoy giving my master lots of heartache. I know how to sit, shake hand and give hi-5s. Due to my relatively small size, i always end up getting bullied by my two elder brothers. That is why i'm given a private space i call my own."
Did you know : Stroking a pet can help reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure, keeping the stress levels at bay. They provide companionship and lessen feelings of loneliness. Dogs... they give you unconditional love.
You know where i'm going...

So, adopt a pet today!!


Janelle said...

You teach ur dog to FLY ???? Hahaha... bud bud is cute =D

g_yean_i said...

Hey ke lin~ love your post regarding your dogs!!! haha.. airbud is really kinda cruel le~ made him a vegetarian please~ haha.. the description you wrote for junior is so so so funny that i can't stop laughing when i read about it!! haha.. you should spare time with him since he's being dumped.. pity~ haha.. your prince, well, not much of comments but he does look blur in the picture! haha..

corrinne said...

nono janelle.. i meant i was teaching the bird to fly when budbud swallowed him up. how sad..

to dudu:
haha. pity juju.. i dunno y he got dumped. budbud is omnivorous. he eats veggies too. bt i'm nt sure if he'l like becoming a vegetarian. haha..
n don't c prince as blur blur. he's really mischievous. maybe cos he's still young. =)

Pinkie123 said...

haha..the dogs are really cute eh! I guess u're more mischevious than then..they're just learning from their owner perhaps?? hehe

corrinne said...

haha. no!
they gt the cuteness frm the owner. hehehehehehehe..
bluek. ;P

Delorfilinde said...

i love prince.. i still remember how he greeted me at your place. lol