Sunday, December 13, 2009

Physical Pharmacy blues

I know i should be studying right now. But it's Physical Pharmacy-the T.T (i am crying) subject. SIGH. There i was hunched over my lecture notes (for around 10 minutes before i ended up on the evil facebook) but my brain just refused to work. I couldn't even fathom the words that were staring back at me. *Oh dear* How am i going to sit for the test on FRIDAY???

What is monotropic polymorphism supposed to mean??!!!

So, when i come to this point, i start indulging in food. I am trying to refrain from having supper but this is definitely one of the hardest task i have ever encountered in my entire life.

Corrinne versus Supper.

I lost. Supper won.


双子流星 said...

same same!! i cant understand either=(

Jing Hui said...

haha..i ended up watching 2 episode of drama which is 150min long!!

Pinkie123 said...

ohmy~~ Corrinne, cheer up!!! I know it is hard to do, I have been eating supper since my detoxification plan has ended! Maybe u guys can have a group study so that u can discuss the stuff u dont understand with mama them? =)

Delorfilinde said...

lol.. i'm trying not to eat supper too. so far, i'm successful! xD try brushing your teeth right after you have dinner and constantly drink water when you have the urge to eat ^^

corrinne said...

haha.. we are all in the same boat. sigh. all i want for christmas is snow *singing*

don't worry pinkie, i've been in a super good mood for the past few days. i don't know why. i just feel happy, exam or no exam. lol..

pen, i'm so envious of you. how can you resist supper???!!! haha. supper is bad. i need to work on my willpower. :)