Thursday, January 19, 2012

Retail Therapy

If I were to go to Nepal to take up meditation classes and to find inner peace and a purpose in life, it would be to shop till I drop. In fact I think I've already found my life's purpose. One cannot imagine the satisfaction and the sense of fulfilment it brings, the joy and happiness that fills my heart whenever I buy something new. It makes the gloomiest of days bearable.

Online shopping is the greatest invention ever! Of course you need a laptop to do that which ultimately makes it the greater creation. But that's useless without the internet, which is pretty much non-existant if there is no electricity -_- You get the picture.

Anyway back to the topic... It's an addiction.
Pros: No walking/carrying stuff/queuing- all you do is sit (Random fact: I spend 3/4 of my time sitting and the other 1/4 sleeping), no travelling time, no exposure whatsoever to the sun/storm/hail/sleet/snow and whatever the UK weather hurls at you, 24h availability- you can shop even after all the stores in the shopping complexes have closed.

Cons: It makes you waste time (I can sit and shop for hours without food- Shopping is more than a necessity and also a means of losing weight) and money especially if it has free delivery when you spend above 50-60pounds (most stores). I always find myself buying stuff that I don't need just to qualify for the free delivery. Oh yeah, I'm a victim of all these sales gimmicks.

...Which reminds me, I bought an exercising mat last year, used it for only a week before it became a permanent resident on my cupboard, collecting dust. I was fat ok! I needed one of those.

P.S. Bickie, I bought a pair of boots. I know I did say that I won't be buying anymore (but we agreed that ankle boots are an exception). But I'll be bringing all my stuff back to Malaysia when I graduate anyway so it doesn't matter now.

P.S.S: I also bought a coat. And some other awesome, amazing clothes.

P.S.S.S: Waiting for my babies to arrive. The feeling at each delivery is as good as opening the door to find a puppy at your doorstep.


双子流星 said...

I want to see all of them! LOL u shopped! tsk tsk

corrinne said...

hehehe okie... next post la. i take pic for you cuz i know u sure lazy come my house wahahahahaha

Jackie Ho said...

The way you blogged makes it sounds a lot Corrine. i thought you should be spending time on chemotherapy, OTC, etc etc?

Jackie Ho said...

and the etc doesnt include fancy coats and boots amd exercise mat...

corrinne said...

wahahahahahahah the other stuff don't interest me :P i know.. sigh.. insaf already