Monday, August 17, 2009

save our planet

There i was, sitting on the couch, watching Animal Planet. Not my first choice of a movie. But there were simply no good programmes on Disney, Cartoon Network, HBO, Star Movies, AXN, Hallmark, and Cinemax. I've arranged them according to preference. Please allow me to assure you that i'm aware that i should be watching educational programmes. ( mental note to self : corrinne, repent! )

The thing is, global warming is really taking its toll on the animals, especially the penguins and the polar bears. The ice is melting. Food is scarce. The little, innocent cubs can barely make it through winter. Eventually, they become extinct. All is not lost, though. This could all change! If only you would lift a finger..

There are simple ways that you can all do to help save Earth. She sustained us millions of years ago and still is. It's time we returned this favour.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The three basic steps to saving our planet. Simple.

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