Monday, December 14, 2009

What does it mean when..

A guy gives a girl chocolates?????

I'd be so dead when MK sees this. Muahahahahahahaha. ^^ Oh well.. I'd just ask for forgiveness then. I will not reveal MK's real identity so don't bother to ask alright?


Would you believe it? XP gave MK chocolates on the last day of XXX.

So i went along and googled "what does it mean when a guy gives a girl chocolates?" HAHA. (I am so >.<)

Here is the summary of the answers:
1. (MK please note) He likes you! WOOT!
2. It means he gave you some chocolates.. why is everything so complicated?? (Just ignore this!!)

Ciao! I'm stitching my lips shut for now.


双子流星 said...

Corrinne~~ hehe. We know who r the 2 person. Let's see when she will find out this=)

corrinne said...

hahahahaha. heyyy... you have to be ON MY SIDE when I GET INTO TROUBLE FOR THIS POST, ok???

双子流星 said...

haha.. i have to? well, ok ok. if i dun, u will KILL me right? ahha

Pinkie123 said...

hahaha..i know definitely whois mk and in. Corrinne u're genius! u ue such a great initial. M <3 K

g_yean_i said...

After Carol told me, I knew as well! hahahaha..

Aik Jin said...

Woo, hottest gossip in town.

I think I know who are the two person behind the acronym.

And Kelin, nice to meet you!

corrinne said...

hahaha. the acronyms didn't work then? oh well...

nice to meet you too meiren!

Aik Jin said...

Maybe the acronym didn't work? Haha, or I can read your mind. :)

Delorfilinde said...

lol corr, since when you are so kepo? xD

corrinne said...

@meiren: the acronyms didn't work... only i can read my own mind. hahaha

@pen: yeah.. i knw. it's not kepo. it's caring for one another. hahaha. like last time.. i didn't knw dee had a bf until 2 yrs later.