Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Morning Paris!

So after Dublin our next stop was Paris.
The French motorists were always rushing about. Hmmm. They don't give way to pedestrians. Hmmm. Unlike ol' Manchester. And they just had to step on the gas while we were crossing the road which sent us screaming in a frenzy like a bunch of mad people. It was super embarrassing. Anyway, what do you expect in a big city like this right?

We travelled around Paris using the tubes which were very, very efficient, I must say. The longest I ever waited for one was 5 minutes!! But the underground air is musty and smells of... pee. Most probably some drunkard peed there. Eeeew.

Uh-oh I'm bad mouthing Paris. Hehe.
Hellooo... This is PARIS I'm talking about! Who cares about the transport!
Everyone goes there because it's so glamorous :)

Eiffel tower. As if you don't know.

Notre Dame. This is where the Disney character, Quasimodo from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' lived.

Ooooh... and this is my favourite place on Earth. Super duper love Disneyland. It was worth every penny I paid. More expensive than my Westlife concert ticket lor.

Champ Elysees. There... it's that famous street with all the branded stuff along it. Yer... no nicer picture of me. Couldn't open my eyes... too sunny. (Don't be vain. Don't be vain.)

This is Arc de Triomphe. See lah... they were doing some restoration works. Spoil the picture. (Arc, don't be vain.)

The National Opera-Opera Bastille. The plot in the novel 'The Phantom of the Opera' apparently took place here. See... got people taking wedding photos here!! I also want!!!

Nah... the overprotected and overrated Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Foie gras. My Mum was like, 'You ate foie gras? Do you know how they make it? They force feed the geese so that they can harvest bigger livers,' when I told her. T___T I will never, never, never, ever eat it again.

Escargots (snails). Eeeew... I could feel them crawling in my stomach after eating them. And no, I did not puke.

Nice yummy foods:
1. Creme brulee
2. Macaron

Okay, you can go and try them now. Bye bye.
You see lah... I didn't do any work again. Later I have a full dress rehearsal (for Mnight) some more.


Delorfilinde said...

one word - wow!! thanks for the bigger pics ^^

corrinne said...

haha. yeah.. i make it large this time. he he he