Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. I'm a very busy person FYI thankyouverymuch.

Having insomnia now.. T_T
I had practicals today, which means exhaustion. I took a looooong nap like sleeping beauty when I came back and I woke up at 8pm. How do you expect me to go to sleep now?


Anyway... here's the update. It was Aileen's birthday two days ago.
We celebrated it at Bella Italia. Like the name suggests, it was an Italian restaurant. Don't ask me who Bella is. As far as I'm concerned, they have really yummy gelati.

Typical English ambience. Loved it. Those were real candles and I did a little experiment with it. Hehe. When hair is heated, it becomes curly because the disulphide bridges are broken.

Romantic isn't it?
That's the characteristic of a Libran (me). Maybe I shall just get married here..
Ooh.. and the waiter was hawt because he had on a really nice uniform with a dark green apron. But no, he didn't propose.

The seven of us that went :)
Miss Birthday Girl is the one in a leopard print blouse. Happy birthday hun.


g_yean_i said...

LOL. you wanna get married here or you just want your love one to propose here? haha.

Delorfilinde said...

the crazy experiments you do =)

corrinne said...

@dudu: hehehehehehe. i'm nt telling.

@pen: hehehehehehe. cos i was too free. and i have the extra hair to waste. LOL

Anonymous said...

<3 , eh the waiter very rude leh haha...