Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic

Nah, as promised, pictures from Prague (pronounced 'Pra-gie', like how you'd pronounce dengue). If you believed me then you were pwned. Today you learn a new word- that is pwned. By the way before I get carried away, Prague is pronounced Praq. 

I must say Prague is one of, if not the prettiest country I've ever visited. Words and pictures do this quaint little medieval town no justice so you can just admire my face in the pictures below thank you. The food wasn't my cup of tea though. I'd probably be a vegetarian if I stayed there lolol. 

#1 Potato pancakes with cheese - my favourite so far

#2 Cheese something something

#3 Beef goulash 

#4 Pork knuckle

#5 Dessert - Apple crumble 

Dessert also not nice. This was the first time I did not gobble up my dessert so you can imagine how not-very-nice the food was. 

#6 Powder Tower

#7 Astrological clock 

#8 At the old town square 

#9 Bird's eye view from the Astrological clock tower 

#10 Church of Our Lady before Tyn

#11 Vainpot/ camwhore whatever you call it

#12 Charles Bridge

#13 On top of Charles Bridge

#14 In front of Charles Bridge
Have to take pictures 360 degrees around Charles Bridge. Didn't you know that camwhore rule of thumb?

#15 In remembrance of the guy who jumped off the bridge for I-dunno-what reason

#16 Prague Castle
The guard rolled his eyes behind those dark sunglasses. Like I dunno.

 #17 St Vitus Church

 #18 Inside St Vitus


#20 Bird's eye view from the castle's tower 

#21 Random street view

 #22 Took a picture at the random street

#23 Krumlov castle at Cesky Krumlov 


#26 The Dancing House at Prague new town

And a bonus for you guys cuz I'm awesome. Also cuz I am so full of myself that I don't care what the passers by think of me.

#27 Unprepared shot in front of the Municipal House

 #28 Prepared

 #29 Hair biting

 #30 Kiyomi take 1

 #31 Kiyomi take 2

#32 Kiyomi take 3

#33 Kiyomi take 4

#34 Kiyomi take 5

#35 Kiyomi take 6
I also fan bai yan for you......


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