Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cleanser of the month

and the winner goes to...

clarin's one step gentle exfoliating cleanser.

it contains silica beads that are ever so gentle on the skin. and the scent... lovely!

it also contains :

moringa seed extract that detoxifies by temoving resdues and neutralises the effects of toxic air pollution

orange extract that revitalises, tones and purifies

and not one, but two types of microbeads!!!

all these for....

rrp : GBP 20 for a tube of 125ml. it really isn't that expensive for a product like this. you get what you pay, that's all i can say. it rhymes haha. clarins does promotions very often. usually in the form of free gifts. it really works out to be economic. plus if you spend above 50pounds, you qualify for free delivery.

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