Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shocking news..

I know it's been a long time since i last blogged. Unfortunately, i forgot my password. Well, at least i remembered my username. Hehe. I've created a new one though, i mean the password... thanks to CE's non-stop pestering. Actually, i kinda miss my blog...... =)
Waiting for my shocking news??
This is what i found out on my birthday...
1. I'm a test-tube baby (IVF)
2. My surrogate mother's a cow (who wasn't able to attend my birthday steamboat)
3. I'm a cross between a cow and a monkey
4. I'm a descendent of a cow
5. I'm officially the daughter of KT and JP.
( the above story is fictitious )

These are my extended family members.. =)

Thanks for everything... and the superb birthday party.


Pen Nie said...

hehe... corr corr
dunno how... on your birthday... sounded like you. lol

Pinkie123 said...

hey, you mentioned me.So i think i shall leave a comment here. haha, that's all. I'm proud of being the saviour of yr blog.and the title sounds nice, though it is copied from the bio past years. haha~