Friday, October 24, 2008

my happy ending..

It was one of those uneventful days when mama announced that she had just donated her blood. That propelled CY and i to donate ours too, since we're her daughters. In fact, my dad(KT)-and CY's stepdad, joined us. By the way, my grandpa and grandma, my aunts and uncles, my next-door neighbour and my childhood friend contributed to the country. One big happy family donating blood... =)
The blood bank just got 350ml richer of blood group B. That came from my veins. This is proof that i'm the real daughter of KT and JP, and not just some adopted daughter from i've-forgotten-where. (Both my parents are of blood group B). CY's O-blood. So i guess BB is also of blood group O.
I made a teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy, tiny white lie about my weight 'cause I honestly think their weighing machine's inaccurate. I'm fit to donate blood and obviously i made the right choice. Quote: Altruism-benefitting the majority. Oooooohs and ahhhhhhs.... hehe. My arm hurts a bit now though.
In the evening, we treated ourselves to Sushi King although i had to eat my catered Samosa dinner. *sobs* That was literally my first time setting foot in Leisure Mall (which is only a stone's throw away from UCSI). Announcement over the loudspeakers: "Today marks a very historical day for Leisure Mall & co. as Ms.-me has finally visited us after one and a half years." Haha.
So how we did get there-with eight people packed like sardines in a car-is a real wonder. Everything is possible!! G194 purposefully told me to remember that 'where there's a will, there's a way'. =)
At night was the launching of UCSI University with magnificent fireworks!... where everyone in the hostel rushed out of their rooms like there was some kind of threat.

So that's the end of my uneventful day turned eventful...


g_yean_i said...

you have to sound more happy!!! haha.. anyway, it's great hanging out with you all.. and i'm super happy that you all really tried to donate blood.. a nice and great experience right? see, i wouldn't bluff de.. hehe.. anyhow, good job! hehe..

Pen Nie said...

you donated blood?! hey i'm like heavier than you but i can't donate blood. hahahaha
i'm a blood A *grins* hehehe

Pinkie123 said...

I'm blood A people too~ hehe, it proves a significant truth: That I'm just the bao mu of KT, whose official parents are G194 and Yew lee.Haha, that's why I am a homo sapiens instead of a monkey.Blood group clarifies all! ;P

Janelle said...

Hey fren, you're tagged! check it out =)