Monday, October 19, 2009

in a dilemma

I'm dying to get a pair of Ugg boots just so you know. Gotta have one of those. Hehe.
I like the cardy boots. Here's a picture of it.
It's more fashionable. However, it only has a sheepskin sock liner for warmth.

I think these classic short Ugg boots (picture below) look good too. These boots have sheepskin lining and will keep your feet warm. But i prefer the cardy ones!!!!

I can't make up my mind. I spent 2 hrs 30 minutes talking to my mum asking for advice. Hehe. And I haven't done a single piece of work cos i'm too obsessed with these boots right now. *sigh*

These boots are the only thing on my mind.
This obsession has become so serious that the moment i open my mouth, i start blabbering on and on about Ugg boots. I still haven't bathed. I still haven't taken my dinner. Cos i'm looking at the boots online. O_o
P.S. no wonder i've slimmed down.

I think i'll the get the classic cardy boots!

Oh, i don't know..

At this rate, I'll never get myself a pair of boots. And neither will i be able to finish my homework.

.... just venting my frustrations....


aylwin89 said...

OMG... please la haha...
My advice get both haha... How much does it cost then??
But everyone's wearing it... so not special d le....

corrinne said...

hmm.. lol. u've gt a point there.
if i get it online, it's ard 60pounds. 80pounds at the shop. btw, i gt another pair. only 20pounds. ^^

fishfish said...

corrinne! 80pounds at shop? are you sure? y so cheap?! i can find cheap ones online but not in store..:/

Delorfilinde said...

oo.. boots!! erm erm.. i'm absolutely clueless about warming your feet and stuff but i'd say get both if you can't decide xD

corrinne said...

@fishfish: dunno.. cos they were on sale? lol.. the cheap ones online are not genuine i think.. ^^ better to get from the shop.

@pen: get both? i already have 7 pairs of shoes in my room. lol..
btw, i'm going back on 15 june next yr.