Sunday, January 31, 2010


Birmingham is awesome. It is the second largest city in the UK after all.

The Bullring bull.

Victoria Square

Aston Villa Football Club

The futuristic looking shopping complex and Selfridges store

Statue of Thomas Attwood in Chamberlain Square

Japanese dinner-chicken karage bento

My holidays are coming to an end. In fact, school reopens TOMORROW! It's just a matter of a few more hours.

But this means that May is coming soon. Which means that I am inching closer to Mark (Westlife). Which means that June is nearing. Which also means that Malaysia awaits me. And this means good food.

Think positive.

*drinking a cup of yummilicious milk*
P.S. Dear Cow, Thank you for your milk (although it makes me fat since I only drink whole milk). I love you so. xxx


piyasilo said...

there goes the Spring~~

Delorfilinde said...

cool.. hehe. hey miss ya!! xo