Wednesday, January 6, 2010

summary of my fortnight

I know i kinda abandoned my blog again. But here it is, the rebirth! With a new layout! :]

Just got back from Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago.
Brought YL, my Ah Ma around Manchester.
Shopped the whole week after Boxing Day. Literally shopped till i dropped.
Counted down to New Year at Albert Square Exchange Square.
Baked a gazillion cakes and muffins.
And i am currently head over heels in love with Mark Feehily from Westlife. (OMG! He is so handsome!) What's not to love about him??
Made a snowman by the name of 'Mark' yesterday.

Oh.. And Happy Belated 2010 y'all!

2010 resolution (and the years to come);
me ----> vegan

I'm hungry already =.=
Gonna rummage the fridge for F-O-O-D.

-The Mark Obsession-


Jing Hui said...

excuse was exchange square not albert square lah

corrinne said...

hahahaha. ok!! thx

双子流星 said...

Finally~~ Updated. lol!

Loco Coco said...

nicky byrne for me x]

Delorfilinde said...

oh.. mark is the one that's gay right? i thought you have an obsession with him years ago?

corrinne said...

history is repeating itself. hahahahaha. :)

Yasmin.Min.Mimi said...

in luv with ur blog's new header backgound. its refreshing! (eventhough im just looking at the laptop screen haha). did u captured the photo yourself? niceee

corrinne said...

LOL. thanks! yeah.. i did. hehehehehehe. took it in york. :) you should go! nice plc! x