Friday, December 4, 2009


See... i'm determined to keep my blog alive!

A blog is supposed to be an online diary,right? So here goes...

Dear online diary,
Today, i woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, went to class, almost slept in class, came back, ate lunch, went for biology practicals, was just on time, stained my lab coat pink, came back, logged onto facebook, found out that Papa stole my fruits in Country Story >.< (just like i always steal his-just not as much and Yvonne's-quite a lot :] sorry!), thought 1 hour and 30 minutes was a long time so i took my own sweet time in getting ready-we (Mancunians) were supposed to gather at Mama's room at 6.30pm, it was 6pm by the time i wanted to bathe. :] When i finished bathing, it was already 6.25pm. Anyway, i was late in the end. Bumped into Aileen at the doorstep (she was late too. Love you, A). ^^

We had dinner. 5 dishes altogether (main course)-herbal chicken soup, turmeric chicken, stewed potatoes,veggies and omelette. Had 'tangyuan' and lychee for dessert. Dinner was good! I cooked the omelette ALL BY MYSELF (actually it was just egg and onions). Anyway, Mama praised me! Told you i'm a pretty good cook. (what i'm trying to imply here is-hire me as your wedding caterer,ok? PLEASE?) Didn't bring my camera so i don't have any pictures to upload (you will most probably see it on Mama's blog anyway). Saw a guy goofing around. He was dressed up as a... cheerleader??

Back in my room now. Blogging (instead of doing my lab report).
Going to sleep at 12midnight sharp! Not one minute later. Joining a trip to York tomorrow, so i gotta make sure i wake up early.

Hope your day was just as good! Or even better!

Goodnight, peeps!!

P.S.: The 'Papa' and 'Mama' mentioned here aren't my real parents. I call my real dad 'Daddy' and my real mum 'Mummy'. Daddy doesn't play Country Story!


Jing Hui said...

lol!!ok then i think u shud link this post to my fb~anyway,finally u din overslept this time!!hehe..

Delorfilinde said...

lol.. i don't want just omelette for my wedding dinner!! xD