Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's a small, small world

What are the odds of meeting someone you know in a different country or along the highway? Based on the Corrinne formula x+y=abc*def, I'd give it a one in a million chance, or rather a one in a 27.5 million chance :D, given that the current population in Malaysia is 27.5m. To sum it up in a word: unbelievable.

Example 1; I bumped into Yen Yen, a good friend who studied A-level with me in the toilet of an airport (Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan).

Example 2; I met TKC, a friend studying in Manchester who is currently back along the KL-Alor Star highway. His car was parked one car away from mine at a rest house.

Example 3; I met Ang, an ex-college friend at Tesco five hours ago. We are not even from the same state.

So I came up with a few conclusions:
1. The world is itsy bitsy teeny weeny small in size. (But according to Science/Physics the universe is expanding)

2. My social circle is extending. (Hardly)

3. I am not easy to forget, try as you may. I pop up when you least expect it. Like a genie. (Self-obsessed theory)

4. The friends I have are unforgettable, try as I may. They appear when I least expect it. (The Best Friends Forever/BFF theory. My favourite by far)

I'm gonna go kiss Yen Yen now.
Pity, she is a few thousand miles away from my warm, seductive kiss.

By the way, the It's-A-Small-World theory does not work because I failed to meet Lee Hom in Taiwan. Plus Taiwan is an ISLAND. Which means that if the theory is correct, I would have met Lee Hom on the tube, in the shopping complex and at Shilin night market. *stomps foot and walks away*

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