Monday, July 23, 2012

Peak District, UK

Impromptu trip to Peak District the day before I left for home. Which is also the reason why I started packing in the middle of the night but this is just an excuse for my hatred for packing. And as a consequence, I brought home with me my laptop without its charger which makes it pretty much useless. Talk about excess baggage. Ugh.

Bonding with nature pics... Honestly I've never seen so much green in my life.



#3 Monsal Dale Bridge

#4 Derwent reservoirs



#7 Ladybower reservoir I think. 
There were a stretch of dams there and they looked all the same to me okay.



#10 The Royal Oak, planted by King George VI himself

#11 The famous Bakewell pudding

#12 A farm!

#13 The lost villages of Derwent 
(beneath the waters of the Derwent reservoir)
The villages were flooded to make way for the reservoir.


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