Thursday, July 12, 2012

Malmo, Sweden

Pictures from Sweden! Only 8 pics cuz the internet back home sucks big time despite the hefty amount my dad pays every month. Slow die me. *stabs self with knife* I love the Scandinavians. Left my heart in Scandinavia (which is made up of Norway, Denmark and Sweden) although technically I've never been to Norway. The people are the best I've ever met I think these countries have zero crime. This is hospitality! Will blog about it next time :) 

#1 Turning Torso- The tallest building in Sweden and Scandinavia at 190 metres

#2 Castle's windmill

#3 Malmohus Castle

#4 Casino Cosmopol

#5 View from Fersen's Bridge


#7 Lilla Torg- Your chilling spot and food heaven

#8 Swedish hotdogs... Man I had the best time eating Scandinavian hotdogs. They taste even better than the German bratwurst. 

Everything about Malmo is serene. Definitely the place one can grow old gracefully.

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