Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Sempena the new year (and the fact that I'm not dead) I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all for your kindness and support. 2012 has been a great year no doubt so I need to shower myself with more gifts. HAHAHAHAHAHA I know that last sentence doesn't relate. But who knows when the next meteor is coming to hit earth? I want to die a happy person so I need more presents (get the hint?) hahahaha. I know Jee will find this paragraph very pessimistic cuz of the word 'death' that keeps appearing ZZZ. Don't wanna dwell on this topic anymore *abrupt end*. P.S.: I am optimistic. 

So like everyone on facebook who're posting about their new year resolutions, I've also come up with my 5-year plan #kiasumax which I intend to keep ok. Although I'm widely known as the san fen zhong re du punya person (three minute heat) this plan will bug me forever till I eventually achieve it.

Corrinne's Legen-waitforit-dary 5-year Plan:

1. Graduate

2. Get a job in Selangor. PLEASEEEEEE. If possible become a model/ actress/ air stewardess hahahahahaha. 

3. Find my perfect wedding dress.... No, actually this doesn't apply cuz I want a few wedding gowns and perfect is equivalent to ONE.

4. Get married by age 27

5. Complete my list of bags I wanna get from the UK cuz when I start working I will have no time to shop. And also cuz I made a promise to not buy anymore bags in Malaysia with two exceptions ie, I can bagshop when I'm travelling and if the bag is a gift.

6. Buy a house/ condo/ apartment anything la as long as I get a walk-in wardrobe I'm happy

7. Buy a fully automated car ie, a car that can autopark and with as many cameras installed on its exterior as possible

8. Plan my wedding 

9. Get a dog and name it Honey

10. Quit my job and open something else (subject to change.... it depends on my current hobby in five years. And whether I love my job)

*lifts glass* To 2013!!! 

May it be a year filled with blessings to every human, animal and alien in this Universe.  

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