Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Christmas That Wasn't White

MANCHESTER Y U NO SNOW? As much as I love dry land a part of me somehow wishes that it will snow on Christmas. The snowflakes look like dandruff falling from the sky hahaha. Disgusting or not? 

This entry is on the Christmas of 2012 (after The Doomsday That Never Was)...

Dinner on Christmas Eve with The Gang,

Cocktail sausages, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, yorkshire pudding, brussel sprouts, chantenay carrots, pigs in a blanket, salmon, carrots with sweet potatoes and celery

The stuffed turkey. 

And the person who ate the wings also ate the turkey's ketiak HAHAHAHA. Then to make things worse someone had to add on that any feathers still attached to that area is ketiak hair HAHAHAHA. 

POOR TURKEY! Why do people have to make fun of your carcass?! 

Been looking forward to Christmas this year. The season of giving *heart*

On Christmas Day, 

 Chef Corrinne's kickass pepperoni pizza

This time the base was perfect cuz I followed the recipe properly. (I had 2 friends coming over) It's a good enough motivation to get me to actually put some effort into measuring out the flour rather than estimating it.

Fran's cheese cake that was finger-lickin good

The last time I made a cheese cake it didn't set :'(  I ended up scooping gooey cheese from the baking tray and eating it like that -___- 

Christmas cards from The Gang

Fran's gift- A Moroccan rose home diffuser 

 Secret santa gift- Bath and Body Works' Carried Away body cream
(from an earlier Christmas dinner with my course mates)

HA! I tend to always get very girly things *heart* *heart* *heart*

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