Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Planting Grapes

Blogging from my tablet cuz my laptop is dead. RIP laptop... think Biki's gonna kill me when she finds out about this cuz her Prague pics are with me and now she'll never get them cuz I've got no back up bwahahaha... (mental note: always have back up in the future). Will be sending my hard disc in for repair la.

Officially an unemployed as of now with no purpose in life. I wake up to find myself starting at the ceiling for the next 12 hours before I retire for the night, only to over sleep till noon the next day. Life as a penganggur...

So then I amuse myself by reading articles on successful people. Especially successful people in the fashion industry. From Malaysia. My conclusion is, I dunno how they do it la... demotivated. Lol. The only thing I do is crap hahaha it's really pointless for you to continue reading this.

Still very wu liao so I read Wedding Guide Asia like I'm getting married tomorrow. Every once in awhile I read international news. And I came across an article on rape and manhood in The Star. They reported very disturbing facts (in Yemen and Pakistan) where the law cannot protect the rights of women there. Some rapists, according to a survey, did it cuz they were bored. You wu liao you go read Wedding Guide Asia la. Honestly they should be given the death row, the only thing is, that'd be way too lenient a punishment. These men should have broom sticks shoved up their anuses, against their will. You scar a young child for life, you pay the consequences. Sadly, most of these men, if not all, go scot free.

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