Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dogathon 2013 @ UPM

Attended the Dogathon 2013 hosted by the veterinary faculty of UPM (I think) and other organisations today... being vague LOL cuz I honestly do not know my stuff. Anyway it was a really fun day out for my baobei furkid, Paris. She stays home most of the time so this really is the time for me to bring her out to socialise. We both are social butterflies. It after all is the biggest dog gathering in Malaysia! Too bad it hadn't come across my mind to take pictures there so I'm stealing some off Dogathon's official facebook page ( hehehehe. Didn't see any of Paris' pictures among the lot so I'm offended now. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm a small gas ghost.

Paris had her picture taken by at least 3 persons this year #proud #tear. Last year she was in such a hostile mood she wanted to bite a puppy when it went near her. I guess she is now used to being around other dogs... :)

Malaysia's own K9 unit. I think this is the demonstration where the police dogs sniff out illegal drugs. I missed this as I arrived late. So much for wanting to arrive at 8am. I arrived at 9.30am hahahahaha. I had to have a heavy breakfast. And that takes time okayyyyy.

A lot of free dog food samples and a goodie bag too!!!

Paid for Paris to enter 2 doggie games- Hide and Seek and Master Hunt. The money is going to fund animal shelters so it's money well spent. She sadly lost. But my bao bei is forever a winner *consoles self* hahahaha. But to be honest she wasn't that bad at all ;) #biased

Nope, Paris isn't in the picture.

Left around 11.30am... Bao bei is dead tired and is still sleeping after 7 hours on her pillow next to me as I'm typing this out *heart*

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