Tuesday, January 6, 2009

lessons learnt..

Happy new year y'all!

It's 2009! Year of the ox!
Say hi to my long-abandoned blog.. My blog says hi to you too.

Tips from the year 2008:
Multi tasking is good.
Do these 3 things at any one time. Study while listening to a song and combing your hair. The song has to be set to repeat of course. At the end of the day, you'll be the proud owner of a nice head of long, shiny hair plus you'll memorise a new song. Okay... i'm exaggerating a little here.

When you feel hungry, go to sleep. This is an effective way of shedding those excess fats. Try it.. at your own risk. Hehe. But thank me if it works, aight?

Hmmmm.. I think i only learnt these 2 things last year.
P.S : I am suffering from post music-poisoning after listening to the same song for 3 hours non stop everyday for a whole week. Haha. It serves me right!! The golden award goes to Jay Chou's
newest song - dao xiang. I'm gonna puke green womit if i ever hear this song again. But it's nice and meaningful. As always. Jay's talented..

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Delorfilinde said...

actually that tip about sleeping when you're hungry really works. but the consequence is having little appetite for good food. hehe... i tagged you btw