Saturday, January 24, 2009


At last..
My exams are over. But not after having screwed up my papers. Sigh..
The four torturing days are over. Yahoooooooooooo!!!!

I'm free. Free to do anything as i please. Hmm.. except breaking the law. =)
My plans during the hols.. Let's see.
Firstly, i'm gonna have a movie marathon. Cheers!
Then, i'm gonna finish Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic and Baby. I love her. Highly recommended by me..
I'm gonna pamper my dogs like nobody's business.
I'll burn my calories by typing/chatting on msn. - exercising the fingers and sitting helps to burn them off. That's real. See.. that's why i'm blogging now. I'm typing. Hehe.
I'm gonna be an environmentalist. Reduce plastic bags! Save our Earth!
My newest motto would be ' Eat Healthy Live Healthy! '...
I'm gonna try to kick off my addiction to maggi mee.
Resolutions for the year 2009!
Hope i keep them. Cos i've got a feeling that i'll break all the promises i keep to myself. I'm always like that.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed..

I tag Pen Nie and Janelle.

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Delorfilinde said...

you tagged me for??? lol, you're so funny!