Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flabby tum

My first aerobic class was harder than I thought. It actually is more than just exercising along with the music. Oooooh... I barely managed to sweat out the sit ups. What a weakling. Sigh. I ended up laying flat on the mat, immovable, laughing myself silly. WhenwillIbeasfitastheinstructor?

It has been months (in fact, years) since I last exercised. I graduated from secondary school three years back, which means no more P.E. classes (for three years). And I, being a lazy bum, didn't take the initiative to go to the gym. Right. I'm paying the consequences now. I've got a spare tyre around my waist. T________T

Next up, squash lessons. We have a squash court right at the doorstep and coaching is free.

Gonna put my time to better use. (Been playing Spider Solitaire without even once winning. Okay, I'm not so pathetic. I did win on the rare occasion. But my win percentage is only 7%. =.='')

Bye bye, flabby tum.


g_yean_i said...

ohmy!! you guys are so healthy now!! Aerobic? Squash? amazing!!! Keep your spirit high! haha.

Pinkie123 said...

yeah, it is really great! i hope that everything is free in bath too. maybe i should voice out. haha.