Friday, February 19, 2010

The Ultimate Gift

One of the best movies I ever watched.

Not some silly romance movie. Nor is it a horror movie whose ending makes simply no sense at all where after watching it for two hours, I still don't understand what the movie is about-what a waste of time. I can be really picky when it comes to movies. So, when I say it's good, it really is! :)

No spoiler. Watch it for yourselves. It is a very meaningful movie. (It obviously is because I'm singing praises for it)

I attend Student Fellowship (SF) and this movie can relate very much to what I learnt. Don't retaliate even when you know you're right. When the time comes, the truth will be revealed and your accuser will be sorry for what he did to you.

Jason blamed his granddad for his father's death but his granddad just lived with it. He bore that pain every single day of his life. His son is dead and his grandson, Jason, hated him. Eventually, Jason learnt the truth-that his father died in a car crash, although it was already too late. But deep down, I know Jason loved his granddad dearly.

I'm reminded of how temporary life on Earth is. Be thankful for what you have and give thanks. The little girl in the movie was only nine years old but she suffered from Leukemia. She succumbed to the disease in the end.

The girl's mom was of course devastated but she managed to press on. God gave her that strength. I heard this a couple of days ago at SF: when you need God the most and you feel that He isn't there, that is when He is right there beside you, guiding you.

Here's another story.
A man was walking along a beach when he saw two sets of footprints.
So, he asked God, 'whose footprints are these?'
And God replied, 'they belong to you and Me. I will always walk beside you.'

Not long after that, the man faced troubles in life.
One day, while walking along that same beach, he saw some footprints but this time it was only one set of footprints.
He felt abandoned and he asked God, 'why have You left me?'
Here was what God answered him, 'you only saw one set of footprints because that was when I carried you.'

Sorry. That just slipped. I didn't mean to spoil the suspense. You can still watch it. I only revealed 20% of the movie.

Rating: Five stars

Plus point: The actor is cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Hehe.


Delorfilinde said...

i wanna watch!!! =) sounds touching.. i'll need a tissue. hehe

corrinne said...

LOL. yeah. you should watch. it's a good movie. :))))))))))