Monday, February 8, 2010

Gas leak?

I'm now back in my room writing this post. The heaters aren't working and it's icy cold in here. No wonder they gave me the duvet. Read on.

Dear Resident,

Due to a serious gas leak leading to loss of hot water and heating we are required to evacuate Whitworth Park tonight (Monday 8th).

Please be aware that you are not in any danger but...

Pfft. Homeless for the night. And tomorrow's a schooling day. Anyway, I managed to drag my butt out of the chair and headed over to University Place (for the night).

The Residences Management Team behaved in the utmost professional manner, I must say. And no... I didn't get a full body massage. But we were given refreshments. Where there's food, there's a happy Corrinne. :) Sigh. I'm so easily bribed. I even got a duvet because they didn't want to find a frozen corpse in the morning. I really can't help feeling thankful to the team although I know it is their responsibility to maintain the residents' wellbeing. Well, I'm grateful that they didn't just say, 'shoo, shoo, out you go. Hurry along now. And don't come back until tomorrow morning', although they could have easily done that.

Rumours got round that Whitworth Park was gonna explode. *biggest eye rolling action ever*
Human exaggeration!


Random talk; mcg stands for microgram and not millicentigram like I thought. (Where did that word even come from?) Thank goodness I passed my Math test on units. Today, I realised that I don't know how to convert ounces and pints into millilitres. Hmmm.

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