Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A random post for 2012

Heh. I'm gonna skip the/my usual intro stating how long I've been away and how busy I've been (apparently) and how this post will be a start to my consistent blogging. It's all crap. You know that will only happen in like, a gazillion years.

Anyway, I'm currently cramming for my January exams. Or not. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like my future career but I loathe working/studying for it. Quoting a friend, "January is such a hateful month". Well to be honest, January and May. Sigh.

Random stuff that happened this whole month:
1. I plan my wedding/gowns when I suffer from insomnia at night. I even now know what my bridesmaids are gonna wear (I got that vision last night :P)

2. I met Husna (currently studying in Ireland) on the bus when I arrived in Manchester after a holiday in Belgium- this goes on to prove my previous post on how small the world is

3. I haven't left the house for five freaking days omg *depressed*

4. Everyone seems to be getting married nooooowwwww. I AM OLD (eg, Timothy Tiah and Princess Aud, Mr. Saw's daughter and someone famous in Alor Star of whom I have no idea about, and 7-8 of my friends)

5. Been snacking a lot. So fats, please be kind enough to distribute yourselves around my boobs/hips and NOT MY WAIST!!!

6. Noted a couple of people with nice noses. If you're reading this, the Nice Nose Award goes to Lee Mei Chi and Lim Pen Nie

7. Secretly disappointed that it hasn't snowed this year. P.S: my snow applies to snow that falls to the ground and not melt and it has to be at least 5-6 inches thick

8. My bed is evil. It has powers that draw me to it and not let me go

9. I feel sleepy constantly ie, after waking up, after eating, while studying and most of the time I end up taking a 2 hour nap... Just like the African Sleeping Sickness (African trypanosomiasis)- disturbed sleeping patterns. Omggg I have to memorise so much *stomps foot and walks away*

10. ......

I should be studying shouldn't I?!?!?!?!

*tears the book in half* <---- in my imagination cuz I don't wanna fail :((((



Jackie Ho said...

Ke lin you are so lame. you can compete with superant chiew yee leh, lol~

Jackie Ho said...

Thx for make up my night

corrinne said...

hehehehehe yep i know i'm lameee. wrote in caps too :P