Tuesday, January 17, 2012

For my future daughter

Exams. I suppose everyone has to deal with them at some point in their lives. Some find exams a joy- I am not sure if this group of people exists but the other group- people who loathe exams so much (testophobia- I got it from wiki, which is of course not an accurate source of information) do. And unless you're a nerd or you really just love studying or you're freakishly smart/genius-y, exams won't be oh-so-easy.

For me, the hardest paper in the universe just finished today. Chemotherapy. The two hours in the exam hall was pure evil torture. I had to squeeze all my brain juices dry and it's not like I remembered the stupid structures I worked my butt off to memorise. When they're all jumbled up in the structure bank THEY FREAKING LOOK THE SAME TO ME!! ...... It's ridiculous. It's like mix and match with more than a hundred different structures and scientific names that go 'pyrantel pamoate' or 'sodium stibogluconate'.

I just hope that I pass that paper so I don't have to do any resits. I don't want to study for this paper again. I'd die. When I was younger (in kindergarten/primary school), the marks were always 99% if not a hundred. Especially in the moral paper (Pendidikan Moral), questions went like this, "Helping an old lady cross the road is a good deed. True or false". I did those with my eyes closed. *pfft* :D Then it came to secondary school. Just get more than 70% and you get an A. That was fine. And now I've come to my lowest point where I just hope to pass. :'( What more do I have to face? The pain of labour? I may just as well go for a C-sec in the future.

I grumble. A lot. And I complain a lot. That's just human nature. Well at least for me. I complain to my mum about how hard studying is. And Mum's advice: "No pain no gain". Why didn't I just become an air stewardess (if accepted of course), or find a rich guy and get married. But how long will that last? You can't be an air stewardess for 40 years. You become old and wrinkled and you get a job at the counter instead. Marry a rich man: if anything happens to that marriage, you are left with nothing. Money can't buy you no happiness.

After a lengthy post of self-debating/having internal conflicts, I found the purpose of studying. Just until 2013. So toughen up and don't be a no-backbone-r. By the way if the world ends in 2012 I'm so gonna throw a tantrum because studying ain't no playtime to me. And I spent the last 15 years bonding with my text books.

P.S.: This post is for my future daughter's reference if she ever questions me about becoming an air stewardess/marrying a rich man.

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