Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shopping Like A Tiny Boss

Since I can't shop #like a boss because money doesn't grow on trees or fall down from the sky, I can only treat myself to this many clothes (and shoes. Note: no bags). The shopping frenzy started 2 weeks before the actual boxing day sales and 1 month after.

To Bickie who keeps pestering me for photos of my purchases. I live 10 minutes away from you but you insist I go through all this trouble taking pictures and folding clothes. (By the way I still can't find the skirt I bought):

#1 Ankle boots from Forever 21 <3
(My favouritest pair currently)

#2 Clothes
(Really love furry stuffs. But they're faux furs because I am AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY. Unless it's leather, because that is just a byproduct from the meat industry. At least I think it is. Found my answer here:

#3 More clothes
(Gonna give most away except for the sleeveless blouse and the green football shirt which I bought only because it was green. I have never heard of this German football club)

#4 Dresses
(Apparently the one on the right looks like a bath mat. Grrr. It's called fashion ok!
I'm not talking to my housemate for a week. Hehe)

#5 How the dress looks like when worn
(I proved my point. IT IS NICE! Gonna save it for the day I become a bridesmaid for someone's wedding :D
P.S: I don't know how that blue mark on my leggings got there. It's not a tear, I checked)

Please, someone, anyone... if you ever come across a wishing star, could you please wish that money grew on trees?? Sincerely thankful from the bottom of my poor heart~


J said...

dont worry Corrine, the bath....errr,nope, the furry dress is really nice on you!! Im sooooooooooo desperate for shopping too..............lets pray hard for the money growing tree! :P

corrinne said...

hahahaha really??? yay!! :D i know... retail therapy is the best. i think it works better than psychotherapy. it actually saves you money... you don't have to pay the therapist per hour. and you get to keep the clothes for life! shopping ftw! hehehe