Friday, January 27, 2012

Food not for thought?

  • Inspired by my friends who always post pictures of the food they cook on facebook #monkey see monkey do
  • But since I'm a naturally SHY person I will post them on blogger which has more privacy.
  • Hell yeah I finished my exam today! The day when I can finally say I've got too much time on my hands, has arrived. *infinite laughter* The tears will come in three months' time (when I get my results). I know it all too well.
  • Anyway, these are pictures from my lousy 2mp BlackBerry camera. I transferred them all into my laptop :) #I'm so free
  • Came back to an empty house today. And am still alone right now. Exams have officially finished and everyone's doing their disappearing act. Kinda missing this dysfunctional household.
I've come a long way from the I-burn-my-hand-frying-an-egg to the self-declared world renowed chef :P


#1 Roast chicken

#2 Herbal chicken soup
(P.S.: I still don't know how to cut a chicken so I cook it whole)

#3 Grilled chicken wings
(P.S: I was going through a weird period where I craved chicken wings every second of the day in the summer of 2011. Best wings in Manchester: Pizza Co. and Oxford Bar *drools*)

#4 Grilled fish

#5 Salmon sandwiches

#6 Sushi
(P.S: My misshapen sushi. I always start off feeling pumped and determined and then that feeling dies down and I couldn't be bothered anymore. After all, it goes into the stomach and comes out again)

#7 Nyonya food
(P.S: So proud of my heritage <3 *sheds a tear*)

#8 Spanish food @ La Tasca

#9 Chinese food @ Red Chilli
(P.S: That was only half of what we ordered. Tsk tsk... Gluttons. That red dish was SO SPICY it was impossible to eat -_- but the roast duck was PERFECT I tell you)

#10 Vietnamese food @ I don't remember the name

Too lazy to upload more. Anyway it isn't my dream to be a chef. Maybe a food critic :D
But the best of all is to be a WEDDING PLANNER/BRIDESMAID! I can plan you a 10-course traditional Chinese wedding and........... choose your wedding dress for you?

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