Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's Greece Baby

Quick update on my trip to Greece! A really super quick one cuz I'm jetting off to Denmark and Sweden tomorrow so I need to pack.


Sunset at Oia, Santorini....

Night view of Oia...

One of the pastries I had. The other pictures didn't turn out well so dowan upload. This is spinach and feta cheese.

My driver around Santorini <3. I actually opted for a scooter cuz I wanted to use a pink helmet but it was too hot to ride that. So a Kia Picanto it was.

Lighthouse at Faros, Santorini

The view from Faros

Red Beach at Santorini

Black Beach (Perissa)

Tried sword fish. Heh.

Sunset on the ferry back to Athens

More pics...
Acropolis, Athens

Acropolis Museum

Our Greek tour guides- B's friends

Night view of the Parthenon 

Greek souvlaki- awesomer version of the kebab. I hate kebabs. BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE SOUVLAKI.

Ferry. So awesome I could cry blood tears. It surpassed my expectations and the 8 hours on board felt like nothing. I personally think the ferry ride to Santorini was more of a cruise.

Lounge on the ferry

More pics of Oia, Santorini...

Atlantis Bookstore

Oh by the way I know how to swear in Greek now.

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