Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer joy

One more paper to go. I'm such a hardworking blogger, blogging during the exam period. Very bek chek cuz I didn't finish doing the past papers and most of the questions in the paper today were recycled. Obviously I haven't insaf-ed enough... 

Some more I went for a picnic cuz apparently this is going to be the last week of sunny weather. I scared no more sun to enjoy after my exam so I must make full use of it now. Kiasu ma. But I ended up sitting in the shade la cuz my motto in life is, the fairer the better #shallow

Platt field... I PLANTED SOME TREES HERE OK *flexes muscles* as part of a leadership programme. I honestly don't see how that makes me a leader. Anyway, I don't know where they are, maybe die already.

After that I started packing my bag for the summer holidays. All new clothes with the tags still attached I'm so happy I can cry happy tears. Shopping is the best therapy who needs shrinks. 

Skinny jeans that turned out to be super super skinny I couldn't feel my legs when I wore them due to the lack of blood flow wth. And this is a size 25. Who in the world fits into a size 24!!

P.S.: In case you were wondering, all the above items are from Forever 21 except the beige dress (2nd pic) which is from H&M.
My purse has got a big ass hole now.

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