Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shopping Spree

#Blogging to prevent nuffnang from striking my blog off their list due to inactivity.

I had the awesomest time last month doing what I do best- Shooooopping....

The haul of brown and yellow bags. 

Nah, I want to show off my baobei bag from LV :') It has to last me a long long long long time for the price I paid. I'm thinking 30 years. Nice or not?? 

But my baobei suffered a fall after less than 3 weeks. *Heartbroken* Mummy will be more careful next time.

Hahaha and I know there's a rubbish bag, an empty bottle and a random heel that fell off my shoe rack in the background. People asked you to look at the bag. Zzzz.

This is Paris pang sai pang buay chu #constipated

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